Valentine’s Day, the day when infidelities are most discovered

San Valentín, el día en que más se descubren las infidelidades

This Friday February 14 is a very special day for all lovers, as it is celebrated in various parts of the world Valentine’s Day so couples make plans for this date to be celebrated in a special way.

Maybe we could think that everything is honey on flakes on Valentine’s Day, that there are only kisses, romantic details and many displays of love and affection; however, on Valentine’s Day it is also a “black day” for many couples.

Why do we say this?

According to the educational counselor of the UPAEP Student Support and Follow-up Program (PASE), Marycarmen Mora Ávila, in an interview with the radio program “Lo De Hoy”, assured that The day on which the greatest number of infidelities come to light is precisely on Valentine’s Day.

According to the counselor, Valentine’s Day is not a day of love at its best, since several studies have found that it is on this date that couple breakups usually occur because they discovered that they were not what they expected or because they come to light extramarital affairs.


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