LifeStyle Relationships Valerie Domínguez, Shakira's cousin, seduces her fans in the...

Valerie Domínguez, Shakira’s cousin, seduces her fans in the privacy of her home


- Advertisment -Valerie Domínguez, Shakira's cousin, seduces her fans in the privacy of her home

Shakira’s beautiful cousin loves to show off her bedroom and bathroom, while wearing sexy clothes.

Valerie Dominguez

Photo: Angela Weiss / Getty Images

The Colombian women Valerie Dominguez, who is the singer’s cousin Shakira, not only conquers her fans with her acting ability, but also because of her beauty and the sensuality she exudes when she is at home.

The one born in Barranquilla has taken us to know, during the confinement for the quarantine, different corners of the mansion that she has in her country.

Through photographs and videos, the Miss Colombia 2005 she has allowed us to explore her kitchen and even the privacy of her bedroom, a space in which she has modeled different sets of lingerie for us.


Her kitchen is open plan, equipped with a white pantry, stainless steel appliances, and an island in the center, which Valerie usually occupies to prepare her food.

He also uses that island as a breakfast area, as it has space for three chairs.

In addition to occupying his kitchen to bring out his taste for gastronomy, in recent months he has used that space to disinfect his supermarket items.

Dinning room

On one side of the kitchen is its dining room, which is made up of a coffee table with space for eight chairs of a similar tone.

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On her table she has a flower arrangement in the center, while on her wall a chocolate framed mirror.


His living room has a wooden floor, as well as bone-tone armchairs and a black chair with wheels with coffee.

It also has a square coffee table in brown color.


Despite the fact that she has enough space outside to do her demanding exercise routine, the model also chose to turn her room into a makeshift gym.

There he performs his yoga and Pilates routines, among other exercises.


Her bedroom is, without a doubt, one of the favorite places of her followers, as it is where she shows herself as she is.

His bed is large, his bedding is light in color, and his headboard is gray. It also has a couple of bureaus, which it usually decorates with different flowers.

From your bed you have a spectacular view of the garden thanks to a large window.


Valerie has also shown us her bathroom, a space that has a shower with a transparent screen and a window that allows her to see outside while showering.

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- Advertisement -Valerie Domínguez, Shakira's cousin, seduces her fans in the privacy of her homeValerie Domínguez, Shakira's cousin, seduces her fans in the privacy of her home

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- Advertisement -Valerie Domínguez, Shakira's cousin, seduces her fans in the privacy of her homeValerie Domínguez, Shakira's cousin, seduces her fans in the privacy of her home

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