Valverde has three lungs –

Valverde tiene tres pulmones

Within this final push of a Real Madrid that goes with everything for the double, a good part of that kerosene that is burning is being put Faith Valverde. the falcon Uruguayan He is currently in spectacular physical parameters that allowed him to sustain the team for 120 minutes in the comeback against City and it is a primary weapon for Ancelotti in Paris.

Photo by Federico Valverde

Shield/Flag Real Madrid

Valverde is displaying a titanic effort. He is the second highest speed footballer in this Champions League in the white squad with 37.4 km/h (only surpassed by Militao’s 38.3 km/h) and burned Guardiola’s team based on pressure and defensive actions. He was the madridista who most tackles made in his own defensive third and in the last third of the opposing field and a wonder for one of the issues that always worries Carletto. The intensity of pressure. He was the Madrid player who put the most pressure on the citizens (28, like Carvajal) and the second most successful in pressing. His broad style allows him to do it, in another way, in the pressing. He was the second who made the most pressure in the first third of the midfield (15) and the second who made the most pressure upstairs in the last third. Omnipresence and presenceall in one.

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Valverde has three lungs -

Valverde, against Bernardo Silva, at one point in the comeback against the ‘citizens’.

‘Box to box’, too

Valverde’s ability to display his tireless physique didn’t just come in handy for Madrid defensively. He also shot up. Only Vinicius made more progressive driving (ten) to the attack than Valverde (seven). When he had to catch the ball, he didn’t cut himself. A solution to meet the needs of handling the ball once Modric and Kroos were substituted…

Madrid finally sees how the plan it designed for the Uruguayan when he was still the little bird and extended his contract at the beginning of the season until 2027, the longest contract extension of the current squad. At 23, she is also beginning to find a regularity. Last season he suffered three injuries, not very serious, but enough so that the sky-blue international’s season was cut short between recoveries and set-ups. He missed 14 games last year due to physical problems, in this only six. And Madrid notices it.


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