Vehicle production in Spain also continues to decline

Vehicle production in Spain also continues to decline

The end of the year is approaching and it is time to take stock of vehicle sales and production in Spain. Without a doubt, this 2021 could be defined as a ‘horrible’ year for the automotive industry, as we will barely approach the million new units sold that would have been desirable. Vehicle production is not able to rebound either.

The pandemic crisis and the semiconductor problem have had an impact on the sales and production of new vehicles. The great beneficiary has been used market, a quicker and cheaper alternative. As reflected by the ANFAC data, we are talking about manufacturing figures below 2020, when the factories were closed for about two months.

Vehicle production in Spain also continues to decline

Vehicle production in Spain

From January to November 2021 there have been 1,950,729 units in Spain. This represents a drop of 5.8% compared to 2020, a rate of fall three percentage points higher than that registered last month. In October, production began to fall 2.5% compared to the first ten months of 2020.

Specifically, in the month of November, the total number of vehicles produced was 193,449 units. We are talking about 28% less than the production of the same month of 2020. The worst of all is that it is analyzed that the situation of semiconductors will not improve until at least mid-2022. In this sense, Spain is not the only victim.

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Vehicle production in Spain also continues to decline

The main European countries they also show an increase in production problems as the year progresses. The variation in the production of the total in this last quarter is quite negative for many countries. Germany (-46.7%), Italy (-31.7%), Portugal (-38.1%), United Kingdom (-39.5%) and Spain (-36.1%), compared to what was registered in 2019.

By type of vehicle, during the month of November, compared to the same month of 2020, the manufacture of passenger cars and off-road vehicles has suffered a significant decline in 27%, with 155,724 units. For its part, the production of commercial and industrial vehicles has registered a fall in the 31.6% in the tenth month, until 37,725 units.

What about exports?

In the month of November, exports have also registered a strong 26.8% drop compared to the same month of the previous year. The total is 169,197 units exported. In the accumulated of the year we find a total of 1,692,942 units, a decrease of 4.8% compared to what was obtained in 2020.

Without going any further, in the last month, sales to destinations in Europe, which represent 71% of exports, decreased by 26.7%. At the country level, exports continue to be led by Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Turkey, with high drops being observed in all of them. The same happens in the rest of the TOP10, except Switzerland, which increased by 13.3%.

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Vehicle production in Spain also continues to decline

The cases of France and Italy with falls in its exports of 39.8% and 41.3%, respectively. Regarding the rest of the continents, exports to Africa have grown by 42.1%, mainly thanks to improvements in Morocco (+ 43.7%), Egypt (+ 33.8%) and South Africa (+ 210.22%) .

For its part, Destinations to America descend considerably up to 36.8%, mainly due to the fall in the US (-76.3%). As for exports to Asia, these have fallen by 19.2% due to the Japanese drop (-42.6%). Finally, Oceania has suffered a 0.4% increase in exports.

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