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Venezuela: official candidate for governor offers Axie Infinity scholarships as part of his political campaign - DiarioBitcoin By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

With one day remaining before the elections, the candidate for the governorship of La Guaira proposes to award scholarships for the popular game, as well as open training spaces for crypto mining and cryptocurrency trading.


The candidate for the ruling party for the governorship of La Guaira state in Venezuela, José Alejandro Terán, reported yesterday through his official channels that as part of his campaign promise he would offer scholarships for Axie Infinity aimed at interested people.

Scholarships Axie Infinity and campaign promises

This was announced by Terán on his social networks, information that was shared by the media Cointelegraph and disseminated by other news portals, where the candidate indicated that this would be done through the Technical Training Center for Mining and Administration of Digital Crypto Assets, initiative that is part of the “La Guaira Digital” program, with which it will propose to attract people to acquire more knowledge about these technologies.

According to Terán, one of the functions that the center will have will be to train those interested in the popular game based on the use of NFT’s, Axie Infinity, to which you will give scholarships to generate income for playing and / or competing against other users in battles PvP.

In addition to the aforementioned, according to the candidate, this center would also introduce those interested in the world of crypto mining and cryptocurrency trading. The initiative is sponsored by the National Superintendency of Cryptoactives (SUNACRIP) and the Youth of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (JPSUV).

Facing this daring proposal, Terán commented:

“I am young and I believe in the digital economy, I feel that by helping young people to build multiple sources we ensure economic stability for their families,” said Terán, who did not guard against his aspiration to become the first digital governor of all Venezuela by giving the I step forward by training technicians in network installation and repair and cryptocurrency mining, Trading courses and many other things, to make what they call a dream come true, which they call ‘La Guaira potency’ ”.

Elections in Venezuela

The proposal of the official candidate comes to place in the middle of the campaign for the next elections to be held tomorrow in Venezuelan territory, where residents will elect new mayors and governors for this next period.

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Particularly at this time of political and economic tension, these elections are especially controversial given the campaign proposals of both government and opposition party officials, which aim to solve to some extent the problems in matters of security, access to public services, gasoline supply and many other inconveniences that afflict Venezuelans every day in their different regions.

Regarding the scholarship proposal for the popular game Axie Infinity, it comes to place at a time when gambling is in high demand among people residing in Venezuela, since it constitutes an alternative to generate additional income in the midst of the strong economic problems that are experienced in the South American nation. Surveys estimate that this country is one of those with the largest player base in all of Latin America, rubbing shoulders with Argentina where it is also very popular.

Let us bear in mind that the scholarship system for Axie Infinity allows people to play without having to make the investment to acquire three characters, which can be especially high at this time given the popularity of the game and the increase in the price of Ethereum. The distribution of the winnings generated by the player will depend on the agreement established with the owner of the Axies, the tokens SLP generated and the price of the same in international markets.

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Source: Cointelegraph, Investing

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