Venezuelan illustrator EDO denounces plagiarism of his creations as NFT of OpenSea – DiarioBitcoin

Venezuelan illustrator EDO denounces plagiarism of his creations as NFT of OpenSea - DiarioBitcoin

Venezuelan illustrator EDO denounces plagiarism of his creations as NFT of OpenSea - DiarioBitcoin For DailyBitcoin Editor

The illustrator Eduardo Sanabria (EDO) denounced on Instagram and Twitter that several of his works were launched on the OpenSea platform and that someone who is not him profits from it. Is a gotcha!, warned.


The Venezuelan illustrator Eduardo Sanabria, better known as Edo, author of pieces that reflect the cultural and pop identity of the Caribbean country, denounced in Instagram Y Twitter that several non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of his works were mounted in Open Sea by someone other than himself. That is, someone is scamming platform users by plagiarizing their original pieces and pretending to be him.

This was what he warned Instagram: ATTENTION: there is an #opensea account that is offering my works as #NFTs. Is a gotcha.

I am preparing my first project of 100 NFts 1/1 that will be released in the #opensea marketplace soon. It is a project that I have been working on for a long time and each NFT will come with a physical work.

Only here will I notify the release and sale of these NFTS and they can be purchased through my profile on #opensea (edoilustrado)”

This is his post:

He also repeated it on Twitter:

Sucylarva: the plagiarist

We entered the reported account and, in effect, it was created by a user who operates under the name of sucylarva and I don’t go down edoillustrated, which is the profile that the true EDO will have on the platform. In total, that user mounted eight works by the artist.

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Although EDO made the complaint yesterday and several users have already reported OpenSea, the platform has not yet unsubscribed the user’s publications sucylarva. The works include several well-known EDO pieces and, according to what appears on the plagiarist’s page, they would be on sale until June of this year. Luckily, there don’t seem to be any buyers who have fallen for their nets yet. The eight exhibited works have prices ranging from 0.1 ETH (around USD $320) to 0.2 ETH (approximately USD $640).

Several EDO followers echoed the complaint. Some pointed out that the same thing has already happened to them with pages of Open Sea which are plagiarism.

the real work

Apart from EDO’s next project, there is only one work that he actually put up for sale in Open Sea, as we reviewed in May of last year. This is the Selfish piece.

At the time he said about this work: “Selfish shows a darker side to these egotistical fictional villains who have become a part of popular culture. They are characters for whom there is nothing more than their own interests, regardless of the consequences of their actions. They all have the same pose. Are they taking a selfie? Are they your reflection in the mirror? With this work, I reflect on the role of these characters and their influence, the feelings that are generated around them, and the fine line that exists between loving or hating them.”

May see her here, Although the offer has already expired.

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As he said in the account Instagram, he does plan to sell non-fungible tokens of his works, but they have not yet been put up for sale on any platform and he will notify you on his social networks when they are ready.

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File image (courtesy of EDO in May 2021)

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