version 12.3 in beta 2 (developers)

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Apple has rolled out a new beta for its Mac operating system, Monterey. This is version 12.3b2. It is currently only available to users enrolled in the developer beta test program.

Below, find the important changes introduced by this second beta, in addition to the correction of bugs and security vulnerabilities:

  • UniversalControl: this novelty announced in 2021 is finally operational and allows you to use the same keyboard-mouse pair on a MacBook and an iPad, or several Macs, but also to transfer files by simple drag and drop between the machines
  • Autonomy: fixed a Bluetooth bug causing the battery to melt on portable Macs. As a temporary solution until macOS 12.3 is released, consider the proposed by Jordi Bruin. The latter has created two shortcuts to be deployed on his Mac and having the effect of automatically deactivating Bluetooth when the MacBook screen is closed

Here’s what’s new with the previous beta, 12.3b1, of macOS Monterey.

Find here all the news about macOS Monterey.

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