ViaBTC Ambassadors Program: get commissions of up to 20% for your referrals

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Mining pools have become one of the most popular options for earning bitcoin (BTC). And it is that, on the whole, miners are more likely to receive the mining reward due to a higher hashrate. ViaBTC is one of the largest and most important mining pools in the ecosystem. In order to attract more ambassadors, the company has decided to update its program and the commissions for referrals that they receive.

Founded in the year 2016, ViaBTC is a pool of bitcoin mining and other cryptocurrencies that today provides its services to more than a million users in 130 countries. In order to reward miners who have contributed to the success of the pool, ViaBTC wants to ensure that more people benefit from its Ambassador Program.

Do you want to participate in the ViaBTC Ambassador Program? This is what you should know

Invite your friends and acquaintances to be part of ViaBTC too easy. Once you log in to the platform, you should go to the “Referral Rewards” section. There you will find your unique referral link or QR code, which you can share on your social networks or other digital media.


ViaBTC Ambassadors Program: get commissions of up to 20% for your referrals

If you get a new referral with this link, you will receive up to 20% commission. This if your referral registers with ViaBTC, connects his hashrate and starts mining. This promotion is available from January 19, 2022. But that’s not all. In addition, you will get a 50% discount on mining fees for 30 days.

ViaBTC bitcoin pool referral commissions are divided into two levels: general and ambassador. Those users who are in the general level receive a commission of 10% for one year, while ambassadors get 20% for life, as long as they meet the established requirements. These fees are based on service fees generated by referred users.

Requirements to be a ViaBTC ambassador and receive referral commissions

Now you have the opportunity to apply as a pool ambassador and go from earning 10% commission per referral to 20%. What must you do to qualify? There is a minimum requirement of attracting five new users per month. They have to register and be active to be considered valid referrals.

Additionally, Ambassadors must have at least ten valid referrals each month. If this requirement is not met for a period of more than three months, the user will be disqualified as an ambassador. In this case, the miner will go to the regular level, which means that his commission will be reduced to 10%.

You can invite as many people as you want to join ViaBTC, because the pool has not established a limit amount of referrals. The greater the number of users, the more profits you will obtain, since the higher the hashrate that your referrals contribute. Everyone benefits.

Stay up to date with ViaBTC mining pool promotions and programs through its website. Web page and social networks: Twitter, Facebook Y Telegram.

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