VIDEO: Alfredo Adame beats up the host of ‘Venga la Alegría’

VIDEO: Alfredo Adame beats up the host of 'Venga la Alegría'

VIDEO: Alfredo Adame beats up the host of 'Venga la Alegría'

One of the characters that does not stop giving what to talk about on Hispanic television is the Mexican actor, Alfredo Adamewho this time is immersed again in another scandal.

A video was posted on social media showing the strong fight between Adame and the host of “Venga La Alegría”, Oskarín, in full recording of the reality show “I’m famous, get me out of here”broadcast by TV Azteca.

So far this 2022, the former host of the Hoy program has starred in important scandals that have placed him in the eye of the hurricane; the first of them getting involved in a fight against a family and the second against Carlos Trejo’s lawyer, his staunch rival.

Despite its controversies, Ajusco television decided to give him a new opportunity by announcing him as a participant in the first season of “I’m famous, get me out of here!”a place that has sparked endless controversy.

Through his Instagram account, The TV Azteca reality show shared a video that shows the strong fight that Alfredo Adame will have against Oskarín from “Los Destrampados” from the morning Venga La Alegríawhich sparked endless speculation.

In the first seconds of the video, Alfredo Adame is seen telling his team that no one will “eat” that day.something that possibly no one agrees with or at least that is how the comedian expresses it.

Moments later we see the former soap opera heartthrob repeat the indications about not consuming food; before it, Oskarín begins to recriminate him. Moments later, the fight between the celebrities takes place.

without saving anything, Alfredo Adame approaches the member of “Los Destrampados” and begins to claim him. Seconds later he kicks her hard; at that moment he cuts the video.

At the end of the recording we see Atala Sarmiento and Horacio Villalobos -hosts of the reality show- say that the attitude of the competitors will have strong consequences, but it is unknown what they will be.

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