VIDEO: Ana Bárbara called Raúl Velasco a “clown” and joked about the height of the driver

VIDEO: Ana Bárbara called Raúl Velasco a “clown” and joked about the height of the driver

Anne Barbara.

Anne Barbara.

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If Raúl Velasco is remembered for anything, it’s for being a bit rude to his guests in “Siempre en Domingo’. But not all the stars remained silent, but several responded in a similar way in some episodes. One of these stars was a young Ana Barbara, who made fun of the presenter’s height.

This meeting occurred in 1989, when Altagracia Ugalde had not yet adopted her stage name and was the candidate representing San Luis Potosí in the “Miss Mexico” pageant. All the contestants of that year visited the program and had a short interview each.

Ana Bárbara was a little nervous, but she was very loose when responding to Velasco about the comment he made about the traces of lipstick that remained on his cheeks after greeting each contestant, telling him that he looked like a “little clown”.. The driver responded very well to this comment and joked that he could catch a cold from so many greetings and his wife would send him to sleep in the bathtub.

Later, Ana Bárbara mentioned that she was happy to meet in “Siempre en Domingo” and greet Raúl Velasco, who told her that he hoped he had not disappointed her by being shorter than he looked on television, to which the singer responded with a smile and said “more or less”, pointing out the difference in height between the two.

Then they talked about the prickly pear, a traditional fruit from the state of San Luis Potosí and said that this fruit had effects that he did not want to mention because of the “limits on television.” However, the candidate at that time criticized him for “overshadowing” the promotion of his state, this with great humor and without any problem.

Over the years, when Ana Bárbara launched her career as a singer, Raúl Velasco supported her a lot and invited her several times to appear on the stage of “Siempre en Domingo”.

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