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For our English-speaking colleagues, the new MacBook Pro with a large sixteen-inch display obtains the honorable score of 4.5 / 5. The source highlights in particular the return of recharging via MagSafe (third generation), which according to it allows to hold up to sixteen hours in a row while working. During the evaluation, the machine worked in particular on editing photos. But as soon as it comes to working on video editing, the autonomy here drops to twelve hours: be careful.


The magazine tested the 14-inch version of the 2021 MacBook Pro.

Good points

  • the performance
  • the “best screen on a laptop
  • autonomy long duration
  • full of ports”: Return of the SD card slot and the HDMI plug


  • display too small “for some people
  • too much for an average user, who will prefer the MacBook Air M1


For the American chain, the new compact MacBook Pro marks a “perfect combination of power and portability“. But the notch remains a big black spot for the user experience. (source, in english)

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The site was able to discover the two models of 14 and 16 inches. For him, here is who has every interest in investing in these new nuggets all the same “several thousand euros”:“those who hate not having ports“.


Read the full test.


  • the power of the latest Apple silicon M1 Pro processor
  • the return of SD card and HDMI cable port
  • the speed of MagSafe 3
  • the frame rate at 120 Hz (ProMotion technology) on the 14.2-inch model


  • too much “heavy”!
  • no Face ID
  • no SIM card slot
  • the “price”: Much too expensive compared to the competition
  • no fast charging on the most affordable version
  • the “fans”On the side may be problematic; they are not as “waterproof” as before and could quickly clog

The Verge

For The Verge, the major design changes are a real “personal victory”Because Apple finally ditched the Touch Bar. See the full site notice below:


The designer is also ecstatic at the return of the SD card slot and MagSafe magnetic charging. Also in English:

Justin tse

For the director, the 3.5mm jack port is “high quality”And the overall design of the MacBook Pro is very successful:

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For UrAvgConsumer, “nobody likes the notch“. At least, it’s clear.

Karl Conrad

The youtuber was able to carry out a benchmark to measure the performance of the MacBook Pro with M1 Max processor, in the 16-inch version. With Geekbench, the score is thus 1,787 points in single-core and 12,691 points in multi-core: it is more than excellent. Still, for such a high price, Conrad believes that the product should have a button that he just clicks to edit all his videos in the blink of an eye, automatically. (😂)



Read the full review from PCMag (in English).


  • audio performance
  • webcam from “high quality”With 1080p definition
  • sublime mini-LED technology
  • large trackpad


  • weight
  • notch
  • M1 Max too inefficient on heavy tasks


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