Video: Lis Vega leaves little to the imagination by showing off in red floss

Video: Lis Vega deja poco a la imaginación al lucirse en hilo dental rojo

Lis Vega He has caused a furor among his loyal fans by showing himself in a series of hot videos on his social networks, where he wastes sensuality.

The dancer and actress has pushed the limits of censorship by showing herself in a passion red strappy outfit that leaves little to the imagination and has caused palpitations among her more than 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

Vega can be seen posing in slow motion while turning her curves, revealing that her charms are covered by a tiny strappy outfit like dental floss that reveals her voluptuous figure and her multiple tattoos.

The publication has generated great uproar as it already accumulates more than 198 thousand reproductions and has set the comment box on fire for the thousands of messages left by its fans, between compliments, hearts and fire emojis.

Through the reflection of the mirror, the 43-year-old Cuban seduces with her curves and manages to steal the hearts of her followers.


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