[Vídeo] More reality than effects in the latest Bond installment

[Vídeo] More reality than effects in the latest Bond installment

Special effects have become the daily bread in the big screen. After seeing the latest from Fast & furious, and few things can surprise us. However, there are still some classic movies that try to keep that unexpected touch of reality, and No time to die is a clear example of this.

Considering that the producers of the latest installment in the Bond saga had a budget of $ 250 to $ 300 million, it seems logical to think that most of the scenes were shot with a green background. In some scenes you are probably not misguided, but curiously the chase in the streets of Matera was practically real.

95% reality, 5% special effects

Whether you’ve seen the trailer or the movie, this scene will sound familiar to you, since we’ve talked a lot about it. In it, the old Italian city of Matera serves as the scene of a chase plagued with skidding and action with the Aston Martin DB5 as the protagonist. From Insider Some of the secrets behind that persecution are revealed to us today.

One of the most curious aspects of the video is that almost 31,800 liters of soda were used to shoot it. The stunt coordinators realized that the cobblestones of the old Matera streets were too slippery for high-speed sequences with motorcycles and cars, so what better way is there to make the ground more grippy?

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Yes, it is the same feeling that you will have had one night on the stage of a disco. It was enough to pour large amounts of soda into the streets and let the southern Italian climate work its magic. When the sodas were dried in the sun, they left the road surface sticky and much more sticky to be able to roll on. Chris Corbould, special effects specialist, acknowledges that 95% of the sequence was real and only 5% were special effects.

Another curious detail is that the producers built fake city walls in front of the real ones to ensure that the city was not damaged during filming. Of course, some precise calculations were necessary to square the impacts with the rotation of the DB5. And be careful, because nothing less than Aston Martin copies were used for the sequence.

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