VIDEO: Natanael Cano sends an unexpected request directly to Ángela Aguilar

VIDEO: Natanael Cano sends an unexpected request directly to Ángela Aguilar

VIDEO: Natanael Cano sends an unexpected request directly to Ángela Aguilar

One of the most controversial singers today is undoubtedly Nathanael Canor, who became famous after starring in a back and forth battle between him and Pepe Aguilarafter the latter recognized that his music is not part of the talent.

However, on this occasion it seems that both have already filed the rough edges. Well, it should be remembered that the controversy with the interpreter of “For women like you” was born when he met with “El Escorpión Dorado” and talked about his personal and professional life. Likewise, he did not miss the opportunity to talk about the new generations, since his daughter Angela Aguilar belongs to these, and the evolution of music.

At the beginning, he stated that it is normal for genres to change since it is a natural part of their evolution. But in his perception of lying corridos, he described the genre as “mediocre, crappy and fucking”. Unfortunately, the interview was edited and broadcast by “El Mameluco” and it seemed that Pepe spoke of Nathanael.

though then Pepe Aguilar did not issue any statement at first, he broke the silence after a few days to put in his place the young man who insulted him when he believed he had spoken about him.

“A young man who sings the kind of music they say thought I was talking about him. How little self-esteem do you have to have so that when a guy says ‘we should stop making clicky and crappy music’ you think they’re talking about you”.


Once the point has been clarified, Nathanael had to offer public apologies for two days after the wave of interviews he gave to the tabloids. As expected, his words upset the entire Aguilar Dynasty who ended up blocked from social networks, including Ángela Aguilar.

Upon his arrival in Monterrey, Nuevo León, for his presentations, Natanael Cano was reached by the media. During a video broadcast by De Primera Mano, you can see that at the end the interpreter of “Diamonds” sends a message to the young singer.

“To ask Ángela Aguilar to unblock me from Instagram”he said before closing the door of the truck he was sitting in.

In this way, the hosts of the program mentioned that the problem is Pepe Aguilar’s and not Angela’s, so he shouldn’t get involved, although they also accepted that they would do the same.

Nathanael is interested in Angela

The singer of Corridos Tumbados revealed exclusively for La Vibra and the entire Impremedia group, that, according to him, the fans had put him together with the interpreter of “Se disguised”and that they had been romantically linked. Here we present the full interview.

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