Video tour of the new Apple Developer Center in Cupertino

Apple Park

L’Apple Park, it’s not just the gigantic ring-shaped headquarters. On campus, there are indeed other facilities such as green spaces, sports fields, a building to welcome visitors and sell derivative products or the Steve Jobs Theater where keynotes are organized. With this, another room specially dedicated to app creators has just opened its doors: the Apple Developer Center.

To access it, only one condition: to have been guest at WWDC. The event begins indeed this evening but the participants are handpicked, and this is precisely the occasion that the organizer has chosen to present its new address to the public.

The temple of iOS developers

Some, however, have already been able to discover the Apple Developer Center thanks to open doors last Sunday. One of these lucky ones, Paul Hudson, has thus shared via his Twitter account the first photos where we can see in particular different rooms named in honor of macOS: Panther, Tiger, El Capitan or Leopard.

On site, it is also possible to find iconic equipment such as the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh and its Bose speaker. A second auditorium, smaller than the Steve Jobs Theater, is also available for conferences: it bears the name of Big Sur Theater and a large screen allows images to be broadcast for the spectators.

Open for WWDC 2022

If you want to visit the Apple Developer Center, you will therefore have to go to California this week and have been selected (by lottery) to participate in the Worldwide Developer Conference 2022. We bet, however, that other events for coders will be offered. during the year, the place being conducive to welcoming a large number of people.

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In 2021, theApp Store would have allowed publishers to generate no less than sixty billion dollars in international revenue. A gross sum of course, but much higher than the figures for Android according to most studies on the subject. In terms of games in particular, the difference between iOS and the Google platform would be obvious: a studio could potentially earn twice as much with Apple.

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