Viera seals the comeback –

Viera sella la remontada

The importance of Jonathan Viera in the game of the Unión Deportiva Las Palmas has been growing as the season progressed. Not only is he the best player on his team, but he also happens to be the most decisive footballer in the entire competition. His match last Saturday against Real Oviedo, the umpteenth exhibition of the course, confirmed his overwhelming superiority in any stage of this competition.

Although The Gran Canaria team completely dominated the Cuco Ziganda team, they did not have it all with them until the 21st came into action. In fact, Borja Sánchez put Oviedo ahead in the sixth minute and Las Palmas could not equalize until the 26th when, after a corner taken precisely by Viera, the ball fell at the feet of one of his best partners, Alberto Moleiro, who scored a great goal from outside the area.

Photo by Jonathan Viera

The midfielder continued making Another video library match, crowned this one when, midway through the second half, he received a pass from Sadiku at the edge of the Carbayona area. Once he accelerated the fate of the match was written: He disappeared, like the magician he is, when he was surrounded by three defenses from Oviedo. When he faced Femenias a subtle touch with his right boat was enough to make it 2-1 and cause delirium in the stands of the packed Gran Canaria Stadium.

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That marker, gestated by work and grace, of Viera would no longer move. Las Palmas thus finished in playoff positions, something they had not achieved since last December. And with a stroke of the pen, the boys trained by Javier García Pimienta took the average with Oviedo and left their classification for the promotion playoffs on track, since a draw in Gijón is enough for them not to depend on anyone else. Carambolas through, they could even rise to fourth place.

Shield/Flag Las Palmas

In any case, cast them aside, it seems difficult to imagine a present as brilliant as that of Las Palmas without the presence of Viera. Of the last ten games played, in which he has 26 points out of a possible 30, eight wins and two draws, Jonathan barely missed 24 against Leganés (4-2) and three against Oviedo. In addition, after the goal scored three days ago, he has chained five days in a row scoring, not once from the penalty spot, to a total of 13 goals. This Renaissance player, capable of doing a lot at the same time and all with the same efficiency, also adds six assists.

Viera seals the comeback -


Viera also makes his particular comeback at the individual level. According to data from Olocip, Viera is the MVP of the season in the absence of a day to finish it, sneaking in, with the permission of his overwhelming mastery of the game, in the private party of Stoichkov (Eibar) and Sadiq (Almería), who have been bidding for this precious trophy all year.

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In fact, see it is right now the most fit footballer in the entire Second Division, a classification determined by the number of minutes played in each game during the last month. There are no precedents this course of having such a state of form, only capable of being embodied by a player who joined these last five days, goal per game, belonging to the best weekly team. All this, moreover, achieved in the most important section of the competition.

The undeniable dominance of Jonathan Viera, also reflected in the game’s inherent statistics, does not stop there. So it happens to be the Second Division footballer who achieves the most impact in successful steps and forwards. Only with the first ones has he managed, for example, that Las Palmas adds seven more goals than could be expected. As if that weren’t enough, adding up all his offensive, game-building, and defensive actions, He managed to get his team to generate a goal every 191 minutes played.


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