Villarreal and Morales will close their incorporation next week

Villarreal y Morales cerrarán su incorporación la semana que viene

Villarreal and José Luis Morales will sit this Monday to finish closing the principle according to which they arrived this Thursday afternoon, so the striker’s signing will not be announced until next week.

A) Yes, The footballer’s idea is to say goodbye to Levante first and his fans at a press conference, for once he had left the Granota team, finalize his signing for Villarreal.

Shield/Flag Villarreal

Morales decided this week that he would not continue in Levante, so He met with the Granota sports director, Felipe Miñambres, to communicate his decision and, thus make his departure official. In addition, this past Thursday in the early afternoon, the player’s representatives were going to inform Villarreal that he was the chosen one, as they did.

Photo of Morales

The problem was that the news that Morales had decided to bet on Villarreal broke before the hour, which has precipitated things. The player underwent a medical review yesterday, since after informing Villarreal of his decision, it was agreed that this should be the first procedure To make. For already after his official dismissal, carry out the final procedures.

Morales learned of Villarreal’s option at the beginning of the weeka possibility that allowed him to continue living in Valencia, playing in the highest category and with European competition, which made him decide on the yellow option.

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