Villarreal’s chance –

Turno de juegos en la última sesión del Barcelona antes de la visita del Villarreal.

Villarreal's chance -

Yes to Villarreal They even tell him at the beginning of the season that his european classification he would play it on the last day at the Camp Nou against Barça, the predictions would have been direbut the story has Changed a lot. The team arrives Emery to the Camp Nou (10:00 p.m., Movistar LaLiga) depending on himself to access the Conference League and in front of him he will have a team what nothing is played. With second place already assured, thinking more about the future than about the present, and with a schedule change that can turn the Blaugrana stadium into a monument to emptiness, Villarreal is presented with the great opportunity to certify its European passport (follow the match live on

While Villarreal has plenty of reasons to win, it’s hard to find motivation on the Blaugrana side. In fact, when something was still at stake (however remote) Xavi already confessed that it was hard to motivate to your template. If it cost before, imagine now with all the fish sold. Let us add to this equation that can be the farewell party for many players, some of whom have already heard from their coach that does not have them for the next campaign; a schedule that invites everyone except going to football to see a team that is already thinking about the next season and the general desire what is this season post-Messi finish as soon as possible. The course has become longer than a day without bread. He said Xavi in ​​the preview that the most important thing for tonight’s game is “to finish with good feelings beyond the result”. A difficult combination to balance because it is difficult to have a good feeling if you come out defeated in your last game of the season.

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To the Villarreal, more than sensations realities are worthnamely, points that you need so much. Their feelings will only be good if they return from Barcelona with a European passport, in this case, for the Conference League. Is his great occasion.




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