Viralize controversial video of “El Capi” Pérez in Coachella

Viralize controversial video of "El Capi" Pérez in Coachella

There is no doubt that “El Capi” Pérez is one of the most beloved hosts on Mexican television and everything he does always becomes a trend, and of course his attendance at the Coachella Music Festival was no exception.

And it is that in addition to the fact that the driver of “Venga la Alegría” presumed that he went to see one of his favorite groups, Grupo Firme, the driver went viral thanks to a video posted on his social networks where he made the TikTok challenge known as “ Anita’s step.

It was during the presentation of the Brazilian artist that the driver put aside grief and performed the controversial dance, which was published with the caption “I look like an itchy dog.”

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