“Virtual” infidelity grows during coronavirus quarantine

Crece la infidelidad “virtual” durante cuarentena por coronavirus

Millions of people in everyone is locked at home by the coronavirus pandemic, in order to avoid the proliferation of infections and thus be able to flatten the curve, and also to stay safe from the famous covid-19.

This has caused that in most homes, the family dynamic has changed. Some for good and others for bad, because instead of getting closer, the confinement has reinforced the idea that simply, the couple’s relationship in which they are no longer works.

This has also caused infidelity increases, of course virtually u on-line. According to the numbers provided by Gleeden, the world’s leading extramarital dating platform, designed by and for women, has grown exponentially, increasing by 160% in terms of subscriptions and connections.

According to a survey of Gleeden users, 100% of men have decided to have more virtual infidelities, because “they need to be distracted” of the time they spend with their families or partners.

Male users connect more at night, while women do so in the early hours of the day. In addition, they have also confessed that they have been able to resist confinement with the help of chats and sexting with other users.

The connection time has also increased, from 2 hours on average to the current 3 hours, that is, 50% more, although the connections are shorter, given the increased risk of being “caught” red-handed.

People make these connections, mainly when they go out to walk their pets; also in the bathroom and even in his room, away from his partners so as not to be discovered.


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