Vodafone launches Blockchain platform “Economy of things” for objects to buy and sell for us – DiarioBitcoin

Vodafone launches Blockchain platform "Economy of things" for objects to buy and sell for us - DiarioBitcoin

Vodafone launches Blockchain platform "Economy of things" for objects to buy and sell for us - DiarioBitcoin By DailyBitcoin Editor

According to the company, through the “Economics of Things” (the next generation of Internet of Things) devices, vehicles and machines can be bought and sold by users. You can see it on video.


Vodafone launch the new platform Economy of Things: a world in which devices, vehicles and machines can be bought and sold by humans. That is, objects connected to the next level can safely trade with each other on behalf of a user.

As the company itself explains, the technology allows, for example, electric vehicles (EV) to carry out transactions directly with charging points and many other devices to trade safely.

It is worth noting that Vodafone is a multinational mobile telephone, landline, broadband and digital television operator headquartered in Newbury, Berkshire, United Kingdom. It has ventured into other technological areas, beyond the initial ones.

From Internet of Things to economy of things

As the company explains, it has taken advantage of the strength of its platform Internet of Things (IoT), one of the largest in the world with more than 140 million connections, to the new platform, called Digital Asset Broker (DAB)which will help customers of Vodafone to benefit from the new ‘Economics of Things’.

“This is a world where companies from multiple industry sectors can transform physical goods into tradable digital assets that can compete in disruptive new markets online through the platform,” it says.

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Internet of Things It’s what many of our devices do today: they collect and send information over the Internet. But the new platform ‘Economy of Things’ from Vodafone it goes further. “It enables verified connected devices, vehicles, smart street furniture and machines to transact seamlessly and securely without human intervention, but with full owner control,” Explain.

The number of connected devices is projected to grow globally to 30 billion by 2025. “With Vodafone’s platform and geographic scale, rather than companies building their own complex system, each device is assigned a unique digital identity. You can then communicate and transact securely with other devices using mobile SIM card-secured payment and wallet technology.” informs the company.

In addition to devices on Vodafone’s global IoT platform, the company will also provide secure links to many other third-party platforms and their associated device ecosystems during 2022, attracting many industries from automotive and energy to manufacturing and supply chain. supply and logistics, he says.

Use of Blockchain

The platform uses technology blockchain, “which means that all devices and machines connected to Vodafone DAB are verified as trustworthy and then automatically allowed to exchange data and money over secure and encrypted connections. As a result, companies can launch new products that are quickly authenticated as safe to do business, no matter where they are, and devices are ready for real-time financial transactions.”indicates the company.

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In this regard, Johan Wibergh, Chief Technology Officer of Vodafone, said: “We are building new internal platforms at scale for our customers in Europe and Africa. This, our latest platform, will power the new Economy of Things where everyday objects and devices can trade, buy and sell services on our behalf. We are actively talking with many other companies to rapidly expand partnerships and broaden the ecosystem worldwide to include other features and payment schemes.”

Try an electric vehicle

The service went live yesterday in a trial in which a connected electric vehicle communicates autonomously and securely with a charging point in Newbury, UK. when working with master card and Energy Web, A non-profit organization focused on decarbonizing energy networks, motorists receive real-time information on the status and compatibility of the nearest available charging point and can authorize their vehicle to recharge effortlessly. vodafone cree that the platform will eliminate the “autonomy anxiety”the fear of running out of battery, and will allow customers to consciously choose renewable electricity providers.

Other uses

New business opportunities for the platform Vodafone include a rental car that charges drivers via pay-per-use or subscription, a family car that buys infotainment, smart meters and industrial intrusion alarms that pay by direct debit, as well as authenticating medical supplies and other goods to weed out counterfeits. In the future, it will even be possible for coffee machines to request refills automatically or for a streetlight to exchange data on traffic flows with other smart city objects.

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What’s more, Vodafone DAB explains that it solves the problem of most existing connected devices and systems that tend to work in isolation. “If, for example, a vehicle needs to talk to a car park to reserve a space, it will typically require expensive and time-consuming systems integration. Vodafone’s DAB platform provides a single point for trusted vehicles, or any other device, to interface between multiple car parks or systems.”

Here you can see the video explanation on the use of technology in electric car charging:

It’s not the first time Vodafone relates to blockchain. In 2020 we count that three world leaders in the telecommunications industry – the Spanish telephone, the german Telekom and the British supplier Vodafone – achieved a test solution on a network blockchain for the settlement of discount agreements in roamingthe service for calling and using mobile data internationally.

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