Voge, the Chinese motorcycle brand that wants to be different | Motorcycles

Voge, the Chinese motorcycle brand that wants to be different | Motorcycles

The name of Lotion probably unknown to most motorcycle users. However, it is a major Chinese industrial group that from its factory in Chongqing produces every year 2.5 million motorcycles and three million motors. He has been doing it since the mid-90s and with enough potential to earn the confidence of other brands in the sector with which to establish industrial agreements.

The most notable is the one they keep with a giant like BMW, For those who manufactured the propeller that mounted the G650, developed in collaboration with the Austrian Rotax engineers, and now completely assembling the XC 400 scooter of the German brand. Also, an upcoming range of four models from the legendary MV Agusta will mount engines from this same manufacturer.

Beyond such contributions, Locin wants conquer your own space outside the local market, where they mainly market urban scooters. And the assault on these countries is articulated around the brand Voge, which is already available in Spain from the Onex Group (importers, among others, of brands such as Ducati, Royal Enfield, Daelim or Zontes) and which aims to offer a different perception of motorcycles of Chinese origin.

The distinction that Voge aspires to offer its customers is summarized in the usual magic formula of quality at a good price. His argument is that in China you can manufacture according to demanding criteria but keeping the cost of the product in tight quantities, which you want to demonstrate with a wide range of products which is based on its two 350 and 500 engines.

Voge wants to cover the most segments of the market with motorcycles Well made, reliable, rational and attractive in design. It is a very generic specification but they are considered in a position to satisfy, sharing that perception 27 points of sale that they already have operations in the national territory and that have confirmed their confidence in the product’s journey.

Using the two mechanical bases available, both single-cylinder, the proposal covers different approaches to use. In the case of the 292cc and 24.7 hp the offer includes a custom-style motorcycle (300 AC), a sport without fairing (300 R), a sport fairing (300 RR) and the inevitable trail, the most fashionable type (300 DS).


Trail models can be very popular.

In the case of the propeller 471cc and 43.5 hp (accessible therefore with the A2 motorcycle license), the offer is reduced to one sporty without careening (500 R) and a multipurpose trail (500 DS). Both in some and in others, regardless of the rigor in the production and use of quality materials, we bet on the assembly of components of prestigious suppliers, how are the suspensions Kayaba, the breaks Nissin or the anti-lock braking system Bosch.

Voge comes to classify its motorcycles as premium and, of course, very competitive in all aspects in relation to their segment rivals of European or Japanese origin. They offer for the moment the two-year legal guarantee, although they are already planning to carry out the extension to a third party to point the buyer’s confidence in a product for the unknown moment and that must demonstrate with facts, beyond the intentions, that solvency to which they aspire.

What they certainly turn out interesting are prices, as usually happens in products of Asian origin. In the case of Voge 300 the offer starts at 3,595 euros, while her sister 500 has a starting price of 4,495 euros.

Another fact that can give a lot to talk about on the market is the launch, after this summer, of a urban electric motorcycle and called ER10. It will use a motor with a nominal power of 6 kW and 11 kW peaks, powered by a battery with ac70 Ah that promises autonomy between 100 and 120 kilometers, in addition to being removable for recharging anywhere. Your expected price It will be around 6,000 euros.

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