Volkswagen delivers a second Covid bonus to its employees

Volkswagen delivers a second Covid bonus to its employees

It is common for some car manufacturers to pay their employees a bonus for good results. We have seen it before with Ferrari or Porsche, among others. However, today Volkswagen has announced a somewhat different bonus for its employees: a bonus for having been at the foot of the canyon during the pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the auto industry hard for the past two years. What’s more, it seems that there are still a few months to go before we finish coming out of the tunnel, at least as far as semiconductors and microchips are concerned. In this context, some companies have made efforts to compensate their workers for the risks assumed.

Volkswagen delivers a second Covid bonus to its employees

One of those companies is Volkswagen AG. The automaker has announced that employees working at its German locations will receive another round of “coronavirus bonus” in recognition of their hard work in recent months. The bonus amounts to 500 eurosa retroactive payment for the period from July 2021 to February 2022.

It is Volkswagen’s second coronavirus bonus

Recall that the first round of Volkswagen’s coronavirus bonds was paid in June 2021. It covered the period from March 2020 to June 2021 and was 1,000 euros. The German government’s economic aid package made these bonds possible. What’s more, in December 2020, Daimler also announced a “corona bonus” for its employees.

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Volkswagen’s human resources director, Gunnar Killianpoints out in a statement that, “In recent months, the pandemic has put our employees to the test, whether those working at our locations or remotely. The flexibility and tireless dedication you have shown is a remarkable performance that we would like to acknowledge.«.

Volkswagen delivers a second Covid bonus to its employees

Payment will be made to end of February 2022. It will be included with the monthly salary of the employees. Said premium will not be subject to taxes, so the employees will receive the full amount. Trainees, dual students and doctoral students will also receive a bonus of up to 300 euros in recognition of their efforts.

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