VPN: what’s the point of getting one?

Quel intérêt à prendre un VPN ?

Taking a VPN allows you to protect your data. You become, with one click, almost invisible on the Internet.

But how do VPNs work? Why take one? Focus on this new way of sailing.

What is a VPN?

VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is software that hide your IP address. This IP address is linked to your connection. Thanks to it, it is easy for hackers to find you and track all your actions online. By changing your IP address, you encrypt your online presence and you navigate safely.

But with a VPN, you also bypass geographic filtering. These prevent you, without a VPN, from enjoying certain services that would not be available in your region or country, in particular on VOD platforms such as Netflix.

How can VPNs improve your security?

VPN improves the complexity of your identification on the Internet. By hiding your IP behind a VPN, you are going to gain protection. Because browsing the Internet exposes your information to a whole list of risks. By encrypting your connection from a public or private network, it will be possible to improve the security of the latter.

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The data thus encrypted passes through a secure tunnel. This tunnel, specific to the VPN used, makes the data you send or receive unreadable. To read them, the hacker needs a decryption key which is impossible to discover. Indeed, this complex key is generated randomly and is not fixed. It changes all the time, which keeps a very high level of security.

Is your website well protected against hacker attacks?

However, you may experience slight slowdowns during your connection when going through this connection tunnel. A necessary evil to protect oneself effectively from attacks. Fortunately, VPN providers offer their customers a number of connection servers to overcome this problem. It’s up to you to choose the right one according to your position and your expectations.

On the Internet, hackers are everywhere. They often take advantage of public connections to be able to access your data. The banking sites or the messaging applications used allow them to identify important and compromising information. Le VPN offers protection against this cybercrime.

Unblock geo-restrictions

Whether it’s during a trip or from home, unblocking the geographic restriction can be interesting in several ways.

When traveling, connecting to the hotel network exposes you to certain risks. As we recalled previously, public networks are the preferred target of hackers. There is also another reason to take a VPN while traveling.

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Indeed, thanks to it, it is possible to bypass the various restrictions imposed by the country. Some countries prohibit access to social networks. This is particularly the case for Saudi Arabia, Burma and China where the Internet is very controlled. To get around this ban, it’s easy to hide your IP address with a VPN.

In another register, still from abroad, you may want to connect to your Netflix account or reach French television channels via Molotov for example. Thanks to the VPN, it is still possible. When you configure your connection preferences, all you have to do is choose a virtual server in Paris. Thus, the application thinks that you are in France and allows you to access its services.

Finally, in the opposite situation, you can connect to VOD services offering you a completely different catalog. Indeed, video on demand services do not all offer the same content. However, thanks to the use of a VPN, connecting in the target country and enjoying the contents there is no problem.

Choosing the right VPN

First of all, it is good to note that there are Free VPNs and other paid ones.

Free VPNs seem attractive at first glance. However, the latter are not really advisable. This is because free VPNs hide your IP, but collect your data and are likely to use your information.

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In addition, these do not work perfectly well abroad. They are often spotted and blocked, not allowing you to fully utilize the capabilities of the service. In other words, their ability to protect you is very limited.

Paid VPN services are more numerous and above all, more reliable. Among the best known, we can find in particular:

  • Express VPN
  • Cyberghost
  • NordVPN
  • TrustZone

Other services are offered directly by your antivirus application. This is particularly the case for Avast and Kaspersky.

On the price side, VPN software offers monthly or annual prices. Generally, the rates applied are below 100 € uros for a period of 3 years. At around 30 € uros per year, using a VPN to protect your data is very interesting.

Whether traveling or for entertainment, it is always pleasant to enjoy almost complete anonymity on the web.

Almost bordering on a ridiculous price, it is interesting to be able to connect without fear of any data theft. Thus, you can surf the Internet in peace without worrying about the risks that may exist in visiting certain sites.

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