Wake up America: Alan Tacher has coronaviruses and they send all the talent from quarantine

Wake up America: Alan Tacher has coronaviruses and they send all the talent from quarantine

Although they did not officially confirm it, Alan Tacher and his wife Cristy have coronavirus and for prevention and security they send all the talent to quarantine. So, Who will do the show this Thursday? We tell you everything.

This Wednesday morning Francisca Lachapel She did the program from home because, as she herself told, she shared with Clarissa Molina, who came out positive in the COVID-19 test. To take care of her colleagues, she was quarantined and assured that the test would be carried out in the afternoon.

Although Lachapel left from the house, the great absentees were Alan Tacher and Karla Martinez, in fact Raúl González he practically did the morning show of Univision alone while Carlos Calderón participated in some segments, but focused on ‘Without Roll’.

We took on the task of investigating what was happening, as we saw how several talents and producers shared on social networks that they were taking the COVID-19 exam.

The reason was not coincidence, it is that although Alan Tacher had this week of vacation and was planning to leave, the weekend would have started to feel bad, both he and his wife and before traveling decided to take the COVID test- 19 that came out positive.

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In the case of Karla, although it is not confirmed by the presenter, we learned that she feels like a flu and would have had a little fever, symptoms that are also associated with the coronavirus.

In addition to the two of them, also the assistant to María Antonieta Collins, who accompanies her to the study when she performs her segment “Where they eat 2, they eat 3”, would be presenting symptoms associated with COVID-19 such as fever and discomfort.

What happened when Alan communicated the news to his superiors? On the one hand, the entire team, including talent, would have panicked because, although they take care of themselves and take all the precautions, and even when they are not in the air they put on their masks, the truth is that they share every morning from Monday to Friday, and anyone could have been infected.

When in doubt as to whether or not they are infected, who would they be ?, the production and the executives of the chain would have made the decision not only to send all the talented people to quarantine, but this Thursday everyone would do the show from their homes how? With the magic of technology, a lot of professionalism and above all a lot of patience so that everything works out for them.

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How will it continue? Everything will depend on who or who may or may not be positive of the virus, for now everyone would have had the test mandatorily today, and no one would be able to step on the study of the ‘happiest house on Hispanic television’ until they brought your test results that say ‘negative’.

We contacted Univision to find out their reaction, but so far we have received no response. However, in earlier hours, when we wrote to them about what the procedure would be after the news that Clarissa Molina had tested positive, this was what they did not answer.

“At Univision, our top priority remains the health and safety of our employees, the community, and our partners. We work closely with our Global Security team to put into practice the standards and procedures established by the various national and local government agencies regarding COVID-19.

Due to the increase in cases in Florida and other states in the country, we further strengthen our efforts to mitigate the risk of exposure and transmission. We continue to encourage employees who can work from home to do so until further notice.

Our offices and studios are intensively and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily. We have a limited number of employees per shift and rotate them to reduce exposure and potential contagion. Additionally, our cast and crew members get tested regularly and everyone is required to put on a mask and keep a safe distance.

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We continue to actively monitor the current situation and follow the advice and direction of federal and state officials, and health agencies “.

We are also trying to contact Alan Tacher to officially confirm the information and above all to know his health and that of his wife, but so far the message has not been answered.

Let’s remember that this Wednesday in ‘The fat and the skinny’, Raúl de Molina He said that the chain should send everyone to their homes to work, and apparently this Thursday it would start with this ‘Wake up America’ methodology.


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