War of the Worlds

La guerra de los mundos

HE Gran Canaria Stadium welcome tonight last battle this war of the worlds who rule the USports Las Palmas and the Tenerife Sports Club (follow the match live on AS.com). It happens that the virtuosity of the team Gran Canaria must deal even more vigorously with the effective rudeness of the host blue and white, which was imposed by the minimum three days ago in its lair of the Heliodorus. They are so good at what they do, that neither of them is fooling anyone. They neither did it on Wednesday nor will they opt for it this Saturday. That’s how it went well for them.

on the back of Jonathan Verasoul, heart and life of his team, the you must insist in becoming strong through possession of the ball, so ineffective in the Heliodorus due to its excessive slowness. It is true that in many moments, especially in the second part, Las Palmas locked up Tenerife, who nevertheless defended himself more placidly than expected in the face of the slowness with which the rival moved the leather. “It was also for merit of them“, pointed out yesterday García Pimienta, who gave all the credit to the blue and white team. “Their style of play and ours are just as respectable“, I consider.

Shield/Flag Las Palmas

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Hardly any changes are expected in the group that the Barcelona coach has at the start, and if there were any, it would be up front. sadiku It seems recovered of his muscular discomfort, so he could to return to the place that on Wednesday it occupied Mujica. The test with Table It doesn’t seem like he’s going to go any further, although Jesé, who was so misguided on Wednesday, in the center and Rober close to the wing, is not ruled out. García Pimienta even slipped that he plans to use pejino, but it is no more than one distraction maneuver.

The rest of the team it is recited memoryso only some last-minute problem will prevent Valles, Lemos, Navas, Curbelo, Cardona, Kirian, Mfulu and Moleiro from also appearing at the start.


with certain tranquility Tenerife travels to Gran Canaria. Knowing that during the season it was the best visitor of the category and after having won by the minimum in the first leg, the Blue and Whites are looking for their second promotion final, after having lost Getafe in 2017.

are not expected too many news in the eleven of Ramis. The collective and individual performance of Wednesday’s game left the coaching staff quite satisfied. The only doubt can be in Alex Bermejo who had to be replaced for the effort. Elady Zorrilla would be his substitute. Mellot could repeat with a changed leg on the left of the defence.

Shield/Flag Tenerife

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The Blue and Whites travel with the idea of ​​marking and maintain the intensity seen in the Heliodorus. To defensive solidity the other day you must add the scoring success that was not in Enric Gallego’s boots, for example. The Catalan, accustomed to important celebrations, will be enraged.



Quick possession. Las Palmas overwhelmingly dominated possession in the first leg, but the ball circulated too slowly. He needs to give the ball more life so that Tenerife does not get so easy when it comes to defending.

Intensity. It was one of the keys in the duel last Wednesday. Ramis’ men went to the death for every ball and will try to repeat the script at the Gran Canaria Stadium.

Ambient. As against Real Oviedo, the Gran Canaria Stadium once again runs out of tickets. The Las Palmas fans will receive their team’s bus. A great mosaic is expected again. Displaced Tenerife fans will have, for security reasons, a limited area.


Jonathan Vera. His words after Wednesday’s defeat put locals and strangers on alert. It is the motor and the heart of Las Palmas.

Enrique Gallego. The striker had two good chances to score in the first leg, but failed. His contribution will be decisive tonight.

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the palms. Loiodice and Coco are injured. Sadiku seems to have recovered.

Tenerife. Ramis has Pablo Larrea and Javi Alonso injured. The rest available.


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