Warren Buffett hails Tim Cook’s management

Tim Cook

While the criticisms of the shareholders multiply as for the remuneration of Tim Cook considered too important, this announcement will put balm in the heart of the leader of Apple. Berkshire Hathaway, the investment company run by the wealthy Warren Buffett, has just published its annual letter to shareholders.

Some shareholders oppose Tim Cook’s compensation

The Cupertino company is cited as the second of the four giants that are the foundation of its portfolio. The document multiplies the compliments with regard to the apple brand in which the company owns 5.55% of the shares, a slight increase over one year which could pay off big because, as Warren Buffett points out: “ every 0.1% of Apple’s earnings in 2021 was $100 million. »

At the same time, the letter insists on the role played by Tim Cook described as ” brilliant ceo “. It is also said that the boss of Apple ” Rightly considers users of Apple products his first love, but all of his other customers also benefit from Tim’s managerial touch. “.

There is no doubt that these remarks will please the leader of Apple. In fact, it has recently faced a beginning of revolt on the part of certain shareholders. Thus, the Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), a group of Apple brand investors, asked shareholders to oppose the payment of its compensation of 99 million dollars for the year 2021. They share of “significant concerns”.

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The same goes for Norway’s sovereign wealth fund, which wanted to make its concerns heard.

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