Was Gussy Lau the one who leaked intimate photographs with Ángela Aguilar?

Was Gussy Lau the one who leaked intimate photographs with Ángela Aguilar?

One of the biggest questions that has arisen around the scandal surrounding the Aguilar Dynasty is the identity of the person who would have leaked the images that showed the romance between Angela Aguilar and Gussy Lau, which according to Angela’s words, I would have betrayed his trust.

And although it is not certain who would have released the images, both the followers of the famous, as well as some media, believe that Gussy himself was responsible.

And it is that it was he himself who, in a live show that he did on his Instagram account, acknowledged that he had uploaded the photograph to a social network in which only his close circle could see it,

I was embarrassed to post it because of the silly talk we had. I told her (to Angela): ‘Look at the big head I have, that makes me smarter’. It was last week”, recounted the 33-year-old producer, who added: “A friend of mine took a screen shot. The truth hurts me because I had relatives there, I don’t know if it’s a cousin (who leaked it), he’s short”.

For their part, the hosts of the Hoy Program suspect that Gusy Lau leaked the images so that people would know about him through the scandal.

“He is not 15, he uploaded the photos with friends, he wanted the photos to come to light,” Shanik commented, while Sebastián Reséndiz added: “You knew that if you uploaded that story with your friends, someone was going to leak it “, sentenced.

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