Watch Steve Wozniak sign an autograph on an Apple I

Steve Wozniak

Even its creator seems to have difficulty in retaining his calm in front of the motherboard of an old Apple I of 1976. On the occasion of a meeting organized in Dubai, Steve Wozniak was indeed able to meet Jimmy Grewal, an inveterate collector of headed devices whose findings we had already highlighted last year. It was then that he took the opportunity to present the component, whose diagonal exceeds that of the current MacBook Pro, with an autograph to the key.

There are imposing transistors whose number is pale in comparison to the fifty-seven billion that the new M1 Max chip unveiled recently, and whose performance is excellent.

A nugget that could sell for very expensive

The Apple I was only published a few hundred copies more than forty years ago, many have since disappeared so that the few remaining copies are worth pretty sums. During an auction, one of these items had sold for the equivalent of more than a million euros in the past.

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What’s more, if a handwritten trace from one of Apple’s co-founders is present, then prices can still soar. A floppy disk targeted by Steve Jobs, for example, had found a buyer for more than seven thousand five hundred dollars at the end of 2019.

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