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7 Ways To Take advantage of Morning coffee


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It’s not uncommon for some of the coffee you made in the morning to remain, throwing it away would be a waste. Not only thinking about how good this drink is in flavor as well as the health benefits but all the effort it takes to get to your kitchen. Like the grain-by-grain harvesting of coffee cutters.

We will give you ideas to take advantage of every last drop of your stimulating drink. A little coffee is enough to transform your recipes. Them you will add depth and complexity to sweet and savory dishes, without necessarily having a taste of the coffee.

Ways To Take Advantage Of Morning Coffee

Advice to preserve its flavor

If you made enough coffee that you won’t drink everything right away, do not let it sit at room temperature. It is best to cool quickly to retain its flavor. Cover and refrigerate this will prevent processed oils from rusting and turning sour.

Refrigerate or freeze

It will keep the quality of its flavor between three and five days, later it will start to get lost. If you will not consume it within that period, it is better to freeze it previously. Freeze it diced is an excellent idea.

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Here are ideas to take advantage of it in your food and drinks:

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Coffee is great for marinating when combined with ingredients that are a little sweet, like balsamic vinegar.

In the stew

Coffee adds depth and complements the earthy flavor of meat in stews and other slow cookers. It will highlight the flavor of your dish, but you will not distinguish its taste. Pour a little coffee into your finished brew or between one and two cubes per plate.

Baked Chocolate Desserts

Don’t be afraid to add a little coffee to your chocolate desserts, just they will taste more like chocolate because you amplify its flavor. Start with the classic chocolate cake.

In your sauces

Add coffee to your marinades, mole, and barbecue. The acidity of the coffee is perfect for sauces that you will serve alone or that are the base of a stew or soup.

Also, try recipes where the taste of the coffee will be the protagonist:

Coffee smoothie

Whether you just want to enjoy your iced drink with coffee ice to avoid diluting your drink or prepare a frothy smoothie by pouring milk and coffee cubes in the blender.

Frozen desserts

Freeze leftover coffee in pallets, prepare ice cream, or scraped.

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You can enjoy a gin coffee cocktail on the rocks or choose to transform traditional summer drinks like horchata water, adding a little cold coffee and rum.

Here the recipe: Horchata water with coffee and rum.

Coffee Ice Cream Recipe

7 Ways To Take advantage of Morning coffeeIngredients

  • 7 tablespoons (140 g) condensed milk
  • 100 ml of cold coffee concentrate
  • 200 ml of whipping cream or whipping cream


  1. Whisk coffee with condensed milk
  2. Assemble the cream and add to the previous mixture.
  3. Put the ice cream in the freezer. Take it out after an hour and stir. Repeat this operation three times three times.
  4. Let it freeze for about 6 hours and you are ready to enjoy.
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