Waze in danger because of Apple and Google

Waze in danger because of Apple and Google

If you are one of those who makes intensive use of Apple Car Play or Android Auto, either because your car does not have integrated navigation or because the Apple and Google seem to you of a higher qualityPay attention because what we are going to tell you today interests you.

In addition to Apple Maps Y Google maps, there are other navigation applications such as Waze that also provide additional information released by users of the same and that refer and alert us to possible complicated or dangerous situations on the road.

Although we thought that Waze was going to be here forever, little by little the “greats” have realized that map and navigation users appreciate Waze’s message and alert service and they have been incorporating similar functionalities in Google Maps and Apple Maps.

The latest to incorporate these features has been Apple Maps, which, thanks to a recently developed new reporting function that allows users to report accidents, hazards and speed cameras on the map.

With this update, Apple Maps increases its capabilities by relying on a crowdsourcing engine, so at some point you should be able to warn users about traffic incidents in advance thanks to your community.

Although Apple Maps is entering Waze territory – at the moment in beta form – it seems that they will still have to refine it as much as Waze.

The first time you start Apple Maps after installing this new beta versionSiri tells you that there is a new crash report feature included with the app and that there are two ways to contribute your own report. On the one hand you can use a voice command for the assistant to send the notice to the app or swipe up on the map in Apple Maps to reveal a new report button that allows you to mark the location of an accident, other hazards or speed cameras.

It should be noted that unlike Waze, Apple Maps does not have a specific button for reporting.

Will the Apple Maps community be as dedicated as Waze’s?

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