We finally know who is behind the handwritten serial number of the Apple I

Apple I

Apple’s first computer, soberly called Apple I, has now become a real object of collection. It is indeed sold at auction for several hundred thousand euros, the pieces becoming particularly rare on the market. It must be said that the product was still released in the 1970s, in a fairly limited edition compared to the millions of current Mac prints.

Among these nuggets, some contained until today a secret that no one had been able to pierce with accuracy. This is a serial number which is written by hand, and whose author has never come forward. However, we know that at the time of the creation of these devices, it was mainly the two co-founders of Apple who were at the helm: Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs.

Steve or Steve

wow, for its part, had already claimed not to be at the origin of this inscription. Nothing surprising so far, since the entrepreneur willingly answers questions from journalists who meet him and even takes the time to discuss with those who follow him.

For Steve Jobs, however, that is another story. The former CEO did not really appreciate seeing machines signed with his autographs increase in value over time: he therefore also denied being the one who wrote these serial numbers. Except that a new analysis assures the opposite.

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Hypothesis validated?

Indeed, some graphological research carried out by the company PSA – one of the most renowned in the field – tend to prove that it is indeed the iconic leader of Apple who is at the origin of this specificity. So of course the method used to achieve this result is not an exact science, but it still took several months to get there. The work consisted in particular of comparing the writing of letters sent by Jobs and authenticated with that found on the Apple I.

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