We guide you at the end of the year: which iPhone to choose?

iPhonne 13

In 2021, Apple unveiled four new iPhones. This is of course theiPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and their variations iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Resolutely high-end mobiles given their pricing around a thousand euros, but whose value proposition is in stark contrast to other more affordable devices of the same brand.

Several articles released the previous year are therefore still available. Starting with theiPhone SE which, although sold at the base price of 489 euros, is regularly seen at even lower prices thanks to promotions from online stores such as Amazon, Fnac or Cdiscount. We can also mention the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 mini, which have almost nothing to envy their successors.

The model you need according to your needs

With all these references, you don’t know where to turn? So we invite you to consult our complete and illustrated guide for the occasion, which compares all the iPhones that you can buy in new condition at the moment. As a reminder, we took the opportunity when it was published to answer your most frequent questions, depending on your habits: photography, games, video shooting, etc.

Indeed, each edition of the iPhone has its own specificities and the amount to pay to afford them is clearly not the only factor that comes into account when making a wise choice. Rear lenses, performance and even design are key points of attention. not to be neglected to avoid being disappointed just a few days after receiving your package at home.

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Note, however, that Apple offers a free return policy in case of dissatisfaction, good to know if your gift does not please for example.

A budget option: the iPhone 11

The oldest iPhone still in the running, theiPhone 11 released in 2019 is also still available. Of course its price is not the lowest if we compare it to reconditioned, used or marketed iPhones, but this one will have the advantage of being really new. It is available in several colors: mauve, green, yellow, white, black or red.

So, have you made your choice?

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