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In 2019, the departure of Jony Ive from Apple made an impression. The designer and former great leader of the Cupertino company is particularly known for having designed the iPhone, the Apple brand’s flagship product.

In a long investigation, our colleagues from New York Times returned to the underside of his resignation from Apple. We first learn that Jony Ive was very close to Steve Jobs and that the latter trusted him enormously.

A surprising departure from Apple

But once the arrival of Tim Cook at the head of the Tech giant, things have apparently changed. The latter seems generally less interested in design issues and visits design studios less. This situation would have frustrated Jony Ive who would have opened up about the problem to the CEO of Apple and announced his intention to leave the company.

Our colleagues discuss in detail how the departure of the former executive took place. He gathered his design teams for a private screening of the film Yersteday. It is particularly a question of the “eternal conflict between art and commerce”.

And precisely, as soon as the feature film was finished, Jony Ive declared in a tone of mystery ” Art needs space and support to grow. When you’re really big, that’s especially important. »

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Some time later, he made his departure official, taking care to encourage his colleagues to preserve Apple’s identity, while informing them that he would not be far away and would still work for the Apple brand through his consulting business. by LoveFrom design.

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