We know the Clicars facilities: leaders in six years

We know the Clicars facilities: leaders in six years

During yesterday’s session we had the opportunity to meet Clickars facilities. Located in Villaverde Bajo, Madrid, the truth is that they could not be more surprising. As much or more as the growth of this company, which has gone from not existing to sneaking into the top 500 Spanish companies in just six years. If that is not successful…

During the visit we had the opportunity to learn about the entire process of reconditioning the cars. From your reception and check up to the repairs or the final photo session. To give you an idea, in the last year they have multiplied the workforce by 2.5 to reach more than 600 employees. And the facilities are going to grow from 40,000 to 90,000mtwo.

We know the Clicars facilities: leaders in six years

The accumulated turnover is 430 million euros since its birth in 2016.

What is done in the Clicars facilities?

Those of you who don’t know Clicars should know that it is a Spanish digital startup born in 2016. In its first year of turnover, it reached 5 million euros, a record among Spanish startups. Today it is consolidated as the leading Spanish company in the sale of pre-owned and second-hand vehicles.

And this is no coincidence, there is a lot of work behind it and a great team. During the visit we were able to verify that all the employees are committed to the company. Respecting the company’s values ​​is as important as customer service, being the fundamental pillars of Clicars the simplicitythe transparency and the trust.

We know the Clicars facilities: leaders in six years

That is precisely what has led them to success. people trust them despite being a practically digital business in its entirety. Let’s think that 85% of Clicars transactions are made entirely online. The customer even receives the vehicle at home from one day to the next if he places the order before 6:00 p.m. They are “the Amazon of cars”.

At the end of fiscal year 2021, Clicars has achieved a growth of 217% compared to 2020. The turnover amounts to 80.1 million euros in the first quarter of its fiscal year (from October to December 2021), which represents a growth of +117.4%, compared to the same quarter of the previous year. The company is revolutionizing the sale of pre-owned and second-hand cars.

We know the Clicars facilities: leaders in six years

He does it through digitization and of one unique customer experience in the market. In fact, it is the first digital company in our country dedicated to this activity. Some time ago it became part of the Aramis Group, becoming the leader in online car sales in Europe. Among its investors is also Stellantis.

Some curious facts

All cars for sale on the platform exceed the most complete certification on the market at 250 points. The vehicles have few years and kilometers. They also have no serious accidents and have a rigorous and up-to-date maintenance history. In addition, the prices on the web are final and without small print.

In any case, Clicars offers a Return guarantee 15 days or 1,000 kilometers. Thanks to the size of their facilities, they have their own reconditioning factory based on the Lean philosophy. The space houses the largest exhibition of multi-brand cars in Spain with more than 2,500 vehicles in his web page. Of course, you can visit.

We know the Clicars facilities: leaders in six years

As Pablo Fernández and Carlos Rivera, CEO and co-founders of Clicars, tell us, one of the company’s main objectives in 2022 is to ensure that users are supplied with cars at competitive prices, in the face of the obstacles that are being experienced due to shortages. of microchips. In this way, Clicars reinforces its line of private vehicle purchase.

Until now, the appraisal and purchase of cars was carried out in the facilities of Madrid. However, the company started a pilot project last December in Valencia to appraise and buy customers’ cars at their doorsteps. Without the need to travel to any center and with total comfort.

We know the Clicars facilities: leaders in six years

Following the success of the service, which has achieved a satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5, Clicars will extend this service during the month of February to the provinces of Barcelona, Malaga Y Seville. Another of the purposes of Clicars in 2022 is the commitment to the circular economy and support for the reduction of emissions greenhouse.

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