We take you to know the spectacular and beautiful apartment of Michelle Salas in New York

Te llevamos a conocer el espectacular y lindo apartamento de Michelle Salas en Nueva York

Michelle Salas, 31, has lived in New York since November 2016, where he moved after he got a tremendous scare when they entered to rob his Los Angeles owned.

Through various videos and photographs, the daughter of Luis Miguel and Stepehanie Salas has allowed us to know in detail some corners of his home in the Big Apple.


Michelle posted a video, through Instagram Stories, in which she took us to see her kitchen, which is small and open.

It has a coffee-colored pantry, stainless steel appliances and a bar that is used to wash food, but also as a breakfast bar, as it is equipped with three coffee-colored bar-style chairs.


Before the COVID-19 lockdown, Michelle Salas had already set up a small office right next to her kitchen, which was equipped with a desk and hexagon-shaped mirrors.


In one of the materials that he shared, he showed us his living room, a space that is made up of a gray modular armchair with cushions of different shades and a vintage table that simulates a trunk.

He also has a mannequin that he uses to see what his jewelry looks like, as well as a small table on wheels that he set up as a small bar.

Reading corner

It also has a reading corner made up of an individual bone-tone sofa, a coffee table for your books and a rug that combines various shades of blue and white.


Your bedroom features a large bed with light-tone bedding and white bureau.

The gray of his wall contrasts with the very original paintings that he hung in the headboard area and on the side wall.


As a good celebrity, Michelle has a very vast collection of clothes, to the extent that she has turned the second bedroom of her apartment into an impressive closet.

There she keeps her elegant outifis and accessories. Like it has a stool and a full-length mirror.

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