Wearing latex leggings, Catherine Fulop cleans her house doing the most sensual of her dances

Usando leggings de látex, Catherine Fulop limpia su casa haciendo el más sensual de sus bailes

Catherine Fulop He always knows how to find a moment of good humor, and in addition to looking spectacular, he likes to share positive messages full of reflection with his fans.

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Motivation is what makes you start but later you must learn to be disciplined, they don’t know how difficult it is, but when you want to feel good and inhabit the body you want, nothing stops you. I always talk to them about health, well-being, I have a positive attitude towards life. I was blonde, brunette, short hair, long, thin, robust, happy and depressed …. in life we ​​go through all the seasons. That is why I want my message to multiply and we understand that there is NEVER TO BE TALKED ABOUT ANYONE’S BODY, each of us inhabits a body but we are, we feel, we do and that must go above the container. It is exhausting as a public figure to always have to like and be attentive to the ignorant and detructive criticism that we often receive. Never compare yourself, work on your evolution, on your progress. Enjoy what you do, I love training (I have learned it over time) and living a healthy life and that is why I share it. Healthy goes beyond a size, or eating vegetables … it has to do with a lifestyle, thinking, choosing and enjoying. Healthy are also the links that you choose to be able to eat a pizza with friends and have a glass of wine with my beautiful husband. May these obstacles that arise not stop us in our constant evolution. Let’s move on lovingly, without judging, let’s put cruelty aside and don’t talk without really knowing. When sizes stop being magazine covers … we will have managed to build a better society. The act of comparing yourself is the thief of enjoyment. Have you ever heard him say to my #personaltrainer @verosegreto to whom I always thank all the teachings, both in life, training and nutrition. Here are my #cathytips I use as a supplement to my diet a protein of vegetable origin @ampkprotein chocolate flavor that gives me chelated minerals @quelatok Nothing individually works but everything repeatedly will give its result. That is my experience over the years. The magic words .. constancy and patience !!! (It’s good to repeat them always) You can order these proteins in pharmacies around the country and at @nutrisuplear

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The Venezuelan actress published now in Instagram a long video in which, wearing latex leggings, she prepares to clean her house with the help of a mop, sensually challenging the camera, and then performs her sexiest dance by moving her hips.

Catherine’s clip has more than 79 thousand reproductions; In another image, she showed off her rear by wearing tight jeans, with the message: “There is a word that is the key that opens the door to live in the present and look to the future: Acceptance… there is no way to close the wounds of the past. without accepting what was experienced as it was lived ”.

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