Web design trends 2022: what are they?

tendance webdesign 2022

web design trends 2022

When we talk about web design, it is above all a question of innovation, interaction and immersion. Website creators must indeed create websites whose design meets the main needs of users. Check out 2022 web design trends like changes and improvements that focus more on retro style.

For web designers, the daily challenge is to be able to design web devices that adapt to all screen sizes. Moreover, the majority of Internet users spend more time on their smartphones than in front of a computer. Hence the need to create an easy-to-use design with a visually appealing interface.

  • So how do you respond to the emergence of new technologies?
  • How to meet user requirements?
  • How to create a website that follows web design trends?

Developers and web designers, here are 10 web design trends to create diversified and experimental websites.

1. A typographic main banner for a striking image

10 seconds is what it takes for a user to decide whether your website is relevant or not.

It is therefore necessary to bet on an attractive image of your website. Therefore, creating a typographic main banner offers a more captivating image of your website.

The purpose of this first web design is simple: removal of the header image.

In other words, we rather opt for a message that will make the first impression of your website. Admittedly, this is a fairly simple technique, but it turns out to be daring and promising.

With a typographic main banner, the message will grab the attention of Internet users, like a headline in a newspaper. In addition, it is an effective way to show your readership your typographic style.

For some, the future of websites lies in the choice of typography. Moreover, it is a design that offers greater freedom of combinations of playful elements.

By eliminating the visual distraction caused by an image header, we will directly emphasize the style and content of the site. And the combination of colors, the use of different shapes and the choice of typography are effective in showing and communicating your brand image and identity.

2. Opt for a vintage style: the Memphis design

The Memphis style is a web design that marked the 80s.

Criticized because of the use and association of patterns and chaotic shapes, the Memphis design has awakened the elitist vision in the Internet user. He quickly established himself in rejection from art critics. However, the objective was to create themes, even websites with a more colorful design that stands out from the crowd.

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These days, minimalist approaches have spawned countless interfaces. Except that they are fairly uniform, although they are intuitive. There is no particular style or design. We can say that everything looks the same and the customization is not there.

This is why today, web designers are turning to Memphis design. This is to create sites whose interface is very colorful, but which has more personality.

3. Relive the web 1.0 trend

Still in the retro design, we find the atmosphere of the era of the advent of the Web.

Vivid background colors, robotic typefaces, still-visible spreadsheet layouts all marked the very beginning of Web 1.0. It was a time when web designs were implemented with the moderate and fun results.

In 2022, web designers are bringing this trend back. These 30 years of experience will be implemented to create websites inspired by the past.

In the past, the year 2020 was considered the future of web design. But today, we are going to turn our backs on minimalist and refined design to take the side of the retro revolution.

4. More creativity and interaction on your website

Since the advent of the World Wide Web, websites have been embellished with technical and creative animations.

Although these animations have an important place in the transition of pages and at the level of header banners, today captivating interactions have become a must in modern web design. However, more and more web designers are incorporating more animated interactions into the designs they create.

We are talking here about interactions that are not limited to basic scrolling. In other words, more creativity and more interactions lead to more engagement on the part of Internet users. It also encourages them to interact intuitively on the website.

This WebDesign trend is based on two main mysteries:

  1. the absence of navigation that encourages visitors to use another specific form of interaction,
  2. and creating a unique experience.

By opting for this design, you put your visitors in the shoes of an investigator. This will encourage them to actively interact in order to discover your pages, your content, as well as the secret of your website.

5. Neo-brutalist design: one of the web design trends for 2022

In the 1950s and 1970s, there was an architectural movement whose aim was to emphasize, or even expose, the raw materials of a construction.

This gave birth to neo brutalism. And in 2014, the field of web design borrowed this trend. Since then, neo brutalism has gained in reputation and popularity. The latter is based on the aesthetic side of websites:

  • stripped down HTML,
  • asymmetrical layouts,
  • united funds,
  • default fonts,
  • unprocessed photos and images, etc.

Neo brutalist design is a style that results from nudity and austerity.

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The result obtained is often striking. For this year, web designers will instead create more discreet neo brutalist designs. For amateurs, we speak rather of a combination of the sobriety of minimalism with the brutality of brutalism. It’s bold, but it represents the resumption of the core values ​​of minimalism and brutalism.

Just remember that the goal is to create a website that meets the needs of less avant-garde users, but also avoids the risk of brutalist-style decline.

6. Creative Scrolls

If there is one common engagement between the visitor and a web page, it is scrolling.

This year is the perfect time to create lively interactions. Yes, in 2022 improvements to scrolling experiences are expected. This is a web design that will take up more space in order to make visitors travel like never before.

But how to do it ?

In reality, with scrolling animations, there is nothing new. It is rather the surprise effect that will come into play. Web designers must surprise visitors with more creativity by integrating parallax or 3D effects and psychedelic images, among others.

For this year, we should expect more detailed animations. But also to the addition of an element in the foreground. This trick will attract the concentration of visitors. Placing an element in the foreground will also serve as a guide for visitors. As for the immersive animation, it will rather encourage visitors to move towards the bottom of the page. Thus, the content will be visible and easy to access.

7. Opt for handmade graphics

So far, we have seen that today’s technology opens the door to new techniques and trends in web design. Despite this, relying on digital can cause us to miss the real values, the most authentic elements of the web domain.

If every time, we relate to digital tools, we cannot expect a more user-friendly interface. It is for this reason that in 2022 it is better to turn to handmade graphics. The goal is simple: bridge the gap between the virtual world and the real world.

With handmade graphics including doodles, analog textures, paint, imprecise collages, etc., one can expect the ability to relate the screens that are often interchangeable to the real world we live in. This by bringing a more human touch to the design of our websites.

Choosing raw, handmade work is an opportunity for you, website owners, to stand out from the competition.

8. Illustrations: founding elements of web design

As we mentioned earlier, typographic banners are gaining momentum when it comes to web design trends.

But illustrations, on the other hand, are commonplace in web designs. They are also one of the founding elements of web design.

With a successful collage, you give your website more white space and a tactile feel. You can also mix multiple images in your site without having to focus the entire design around a single shot.

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Everything is playable: incorporation of patterns, shapes and colors, mixing of filters, tint and monochrome effects, etc.

9. The Art Deco style of the 1920s

At this time when geometric styles and patterns were so coveted, we noticed in parallel an emergence of the Art Deco style of the 1920s. Today, this web design trend is widely in demand. The art deco patterns invite themselves more and more on the canvas. By the way, a beautiful layout with this design offers a minimalist style, but which perfectly combines natural elements and modernity.

With the Art Deco style, you get a perfect marriage with simplicity, clean lines, curves, symmetry and graphic shapes.

10. Make Edges Visible

In the field of web design, each web designer can impose his signature.

But generally speaking, the goal is to create an illusion. This is so that the content of a website is perfectly arranged on all the pages, as if it were floating on a digital space. And the creation of a website is based on the use of a precise grid which is itself governed by a code.

For this year, web designers have opted to expose these foundations. The objective is to make visible the borders and frames of each block composing a modern website. This trend has its advantages. With this style, one can easily distinguish the sections from each other. With visible edges, you can also add content without overwhelming your pages.

For visitors, this will make it easier to scan pages (not to be confused with the infinite scroll). In addition, making the edges visible is an effective way to give a retro touch. Which offers the possibility to combine your website with the Memphis design or the other retro designs.

Are you ready to switch to 2022 webdesign trends?

For website owners and web designers alike, the new web design trends 2022 is a big step into the future.

Admittedly, they may not be anything new. But the evolution of technologies and the increase in the requirements of Internet users demonstrate their needs in terms of interactions, animation, but above all user experience.

It’s not just a matter of taste or preference. It is also about reviving forgotten moments, but also about making users happy through specific designs, with unique characters. For web designers, these 10 web design trends for 2022 will serve as a basis so that they can share their values ​​through a style that is not very present on the web, but which brings:

  • innovation,
  • freshness,
  • and a momentary sense of wonder.

If you want to bring a touch of innovation, do not stray from the 10 points listed above. This is to guarantee the development of your brand image, but also to give a facelift to your website.

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