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Web Stories: a WordPress plugin


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Have you heard of Web Stories? If you think directly about the stories visible on Facebook, it means that you have a little idea on the subject but not exactly.

Web Stories offer more content for an indefinite period. You will have more fun telling and personalizing stories via the various functionalities made available to you. As a publisher, you can publish your web content on WordPress. This is a way to post something on social networks while standing out from the crowd. Internet users easily tire of the lifespan of usual stories, give them a gift more attractive and sustainable content.

What are Web Stories?

Web Stories are none other than new feature offered by Google making it possible to provide information that is ready and quick to be consumed. The speed of their display is due to their AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages format. The latter is the same that you can see on Facebook stories and TikTok videos dedicated to smartphones. It is possible to integrate Web Stories on your website. They represent an open-source feature that you can use for free and that shows up in Google results.

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AMP technology has made Web Stories available to you so that you can publish accessible and interesting content for readers. As a publisher, you can directly integrate your stories on your websites. You don’t need any other app to do this. Instagram and Facebook will no longer be your only publication channels. Web Stories are self-sufficient.

How do web stories work?

If the stories you are used to seeing on social networks are ephemeral (24 hours), Google Stories are not. They have a unlimited lifespan. Various elements are taken into account if you want to create custom Stories. The reader just needs to click if they want to see the following pages.

  • Make sure the story being told is complete
  • Make your stories length between 5 and 20 pages
  • Use short titles, 40 characters per title
  • Vary the themes (1 theme per page)
  • Write medium-sized texts (200 characters per page)
  • Limit the length of videos (15 to 50 seconds per page)
  • Include subtitles in your videos
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Your stories are displayed in 2 ways:

Google Images

Your stories are accessible via Google Images. All regions can see them. They are displayed in different languages.

Web result

The display of stories is unique. They are visible in all regions. The writings are displayed according to the languages ​​of the region. In the United States, another type of display is possible for stories: the grid form. Stories are included in a carousel or in Discover.

Web Stories, what features?

If you’ve been used to creating stories on Facebook, you won’t have a hard time adjusting to creating stories on the web. However, it is important to know that each story created has its own URL. You can embed your stories on your sites or share them via email. The URL is easy to share. Just copy and paste it.

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The AMP team continues to add new features such as the JavaScript API, swipe-up or the creation of quizzes and surveys to the delight of web editors.

What are the advantages of Web Stories?

The evolution of the AMP format explains its popularity and frequency of current use. This new feature is beneficial for the quality of your website. The contents of the latter will be much more accessible. You optimize the SEO of your site in order to make it gain positions on the list of the first Google results.

Web Stories are available on both computer and phone. You don’t have to be a programming expert to create stories. In addition, the stories appear in portrait mode, which allows you to have enough space for creation.

Attractive content

Producing stories by letting the images speak is the best way to create content that is sure to interest. Internet users love this kind of publication. A real treat for the eyes ! Your collection of pages will not go unnoticed on social media.

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Excellent editorial freedom

The methods of content creation are very flexible. Several layout models can be used. You can give free rein to your imagination to obtain content that is out of the ordinary.

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A possibility of follow-up

Internet users benefit from a fast loading time. On your side, you can analyze the impacts of the contents. You have the possibility to monetize your web stories.

Web Stories, a WordPress plugin?

WordPress users can enjoy the benefits of Web Stories through the Web Stories for WordPress plugin. Simply download the final v1.0.0. You will have access to a wide range of activities. You can then customize your stories as you wish. Downloading the plugin is free. Easy to use, this feature is accessible to everyone.

The WordPress extension provides you with several features to allow you to create unique Web Stories. It can be the Dashboard or Dashboard. To create a new story, click on “Add new”. You can view all the stories by clicking on “All Stories”. Let yourself be guided by the extension when creating a story. Adding texts, images and videos is easy. The “Publish” button allows you to publish your story.

The benefits of using AMP Stories for WordPress users are as follows:

  • Easy integration
  • Accessibility
  • Compatibility with smartphones
  • Infinite customization
  • SEO optimization (traffic improvement)

Web Stories tell memories, a journey or an ordeal via images, videos and texts shared in small quantities. Smartphone and computer users can admire your content while increasing traffic to your website published through WordPress.

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