Business Digital Marketing Webflow: its presentation and features

Webflow: its presentation and features


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The usefulness of a website to offer services is no longer to be proven. The design of a web platform, formerly the prerogative of coders, is now made accessible to all thanks to numerous software including Webflow.

Webflow is a software for editing Internet interfaces. Here is everything you should know about this tool below.

Presentation of the Webflow solution

The solution Webflow has been around for several years. Its uniqueness lies in its slightly different approach from CMS (content management system) such as WordPress.

It is a tool that is aimed more at web designers than computer programmers. It allows the development of websites without a great mastery of the required programming languages.

It incorporates for efficient use:

  • the code,
  • graphic design,
  • and the ability to move and paste.

Software in Saas mode, Webflow has an intuitive platform that allows the editing of ergonomic websites with a customizable and attractive design.

It is implemented on the cloud allowing developers to realize functional web platforms without a deep knowledge of coding.

Via this Saas software, you accomplish the main design tasks through a graphic editor that is as precise as it is efficient.

The goal of the founders of Webflow is to reduce the cost and time devoted to the creation and technical support of a website.

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The main features of Webflow

Webflow offers design professionals the opportunity, after site development, to publish and host the project on the same interface.

In addition, it allows them to export the entire site produced to another host for uploading. It is equipped with components to create forms and animations worthy of professional websites.

The software, as a service, automatically edits Web platforms that comply with W3C requirements and standards such as CSS, HTML or JavaScript.

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It allows designers to create the graphic design of the website and its source code. This gives professionals the control of all phases of the production of the platform step by step.

Webflow, it is also creating, among other things, personalized 404 pages. Thus, as soon as the visitor accesses a non-existent page, he will land on the one you have built.

To assist you in creating your website, the Saas software is equipped with documentation and video tutorials.

Failing to integrate into your site under Webflow third-party applications, you can still attach a Google Maps for example. You can do netlinking and also initiate a connection with the Google Analytics tool.

Webflow allows you to perform the natural referencing of your website. Define the Title and Meta Description tags for each page.

This allows search engines to better understand the theme of your website. It is also the interface for editing SEO-friendly url portals.

Its user manual

To use Webflow you have to go to the site and register. You will be prompted to select a design for the site you want to create. At this point, three main possibilities are available to you: the white canva, the structure or the Framework and finally a Template. The platform offers more than a hundred ready-to-use templates to cover all your needs.

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These adapt to all devices because of their responsive nature. Smartphones, tablets or even laptops and desktops, all can display your site. The templates address a variety of areas that bring together most of the existing professional activities. They can be changed entirely from the design, through the blocks, the location or the content.

In addition, two modes of use are offered to you: the free mode and the paid mode. The free plan only gives you the right to about thirty free templates.

If necessary you will buy the others. The paid mode offers several formulas depending on the nature of the site (blog, professional, business, etc.). These offer you premium templates with free access.

In total, the services of Webflow come in three main offers.

1. Hosting Plans include solutions tailored to individuals and legal entities.

2. Designer Plans are aimed more at professionals such as web designers and freelancers, among others.

3. Finally, Team Plans are designed for the use of teams or agencies to name but a few.

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However, Webflow does not support editing e-commerce platforms. You will therefore not develop online stores through it. It is for this reason that you will not find e-commerce templates.

Webflow the platform with multiple advantages

The platform Webflow is therefore mainly aimed at professionals and website development agencies. The interface offers fairly advanced possibilities for customizing the design of your web platform. You can master the visual aspect of your interface down to the pixel to make it conform to your imagination.

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Designers and other graphic design professionals will be very comfortable with this tool. It has similarities with software such as Illustrator and Photoshop. Once your site is complete, Webflow gives you the option to migrate your source code to other platforms. This remains a real asset because of the prices which can be more advantageous with other hosts.

The Saas Webflow offers you a range of fonts as well as personalized characters for a better graphic edition of your site. In addition, the interface contains a variety of elements that can help you take care of and enhance the appearance of your websites. It is therefore a highly recommended platform for designers. They will find high quality templates there.

To conclude

Webflow is an interesting solution for web designers and professionals of the edition of websites with a neat and aesthetic look. However, this Saas does not allow good use if you do not have any knowledge in graphic design software. If so, you will find it complex and not suited to your needs.

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