Wedbush welcomes Apple’s acquisition of Peloton

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Although the company may have been worth nearly fifty billion dollars recently, its current capitalization does not exceed nine. Peloton, star of connected exercise bikes, has been experiencing serious difficulties for several months. The reasons are multiple according to the latest statements made to investors, but the arrival ofAppleFitness+ may have played in this decline…

In order to get back on their feet, the leaders of the equipment manufacturer therefore began to look for a buyer. According to wall street journal, it is Amazon who could win the auction. But another competitor has also been mentioned: it is Apple, precisely.

A chance for Apple?

Although some believe on the contrary that such a takeover does not really correspond to the usual objectives of Cupertino, the firm of analysts Wedbush Securities has a completely different opinion. Indeed, according to the firm, it could in fact be a good strategy to accelerate the development of Apple in the field of health and sports. After all, Fitness+ has only recently arrived while Peloton already has a solid base of loyal customers.

Daniel Ives, who also thanked us for fabulous estimates for iPhone 13 sales, adds that the number of paying subscribers that Apple could recover has reached 2.8 million. In a note, also signed by John Katsingris, he nevertheless specifies that an acquisition of this scale represents a certain risk for the revenue model of the Californian giant.

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See you soon in your living room

It therefore seems more than likely that it is finally another company that offers Peloton, but that does not mean that Apple has anything to worry about. The group is indeed already very present in terms of activity monitoring, with, among other things, a AppleWatch capable of measuring running, cycling or even swimming performance.

A multitude of patents retailer technologies quite similar to those marketed by Peloton have also been filed with the USPTO*, a sign that additional innovations may already be on their way to the general public in the years to come.

*American equivalent of the INPI

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