Wedding planning: Essential details of a wedding

Wedding planning: Detalles imprescindibles de una boda

What are the things you should keep on the most special day of your life? Know the essentials of a wedding

After having said “yes” to the love of your life, the second most exciting thing is to start dreaming about what will be the most special day in front of the altar. Do you already know which are the essentials of a wedding that you cannot forget?

There are details that you cannot leave aside, because between the dress, makeup and music you could leave them aside and they are also of the utmost importance:

1. Wedding table

A Gift Table is very important because it is the best way to receive the gifts that your guests will give you with great affection.

The Wedding Table not only makes it easier for you to transport your gifts to the door of your home, it is also the best way to choose each of them and make it exactly what you and your partner want.

In Liverpool you can open it up to 12 months before the event and choose between physical or electronic gifts.

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2. Candy table

Of course you should choose a sweet table, as it is to the taste of both children and adults. In addition, there will be alcohol for sure, and something sweet will not hurt the stomach of those who decide to have a few drinks.

3. How to accommodate guests

If you do not make a table plan, you are likely to have problems when your guests arrive because they will sit at their leisure and may even leave you empty places. It is best to make your list and let them know their assigned place.

Do not complicate yourself too much, fortunately Liverpool has new tools that help you with this topic and others on the administration of your event: guest list, virtual invitation, website and table organizer.

4. Hire a medical service

Nothing better for your peace of mind and that of your guests than having a medical service nearby. Every day more social events have it, because the unforeseen can range from a headache, stomach to an injury.

5. Don’t forget to visit all the tables

On your wedding day, give yourself your time and show your gratitude by taking a tour of all the tables of your guests to thank them for their attendance. It is a detail that will make you feel special.

Now, yes, close your eyes and dream again of the day when you will say “yes, I accept.” Congratulations!

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