Welcome to iOS 15.3, iPadOS 15.3 and watchOS 8.4 (final release)

iOS 15.3

If you take a look at your iPhone Settings (from the 6s Plus and the first generation SE), you should see a proposal to update to iOS 15.3 from this evening. Apple has just deployed this version for all eligible mobiles for the general public, while developers have already had access to it for a few days.

As usual, theiPod touch seventh generation is also concerned as well as the tablets which pass for their part to iPadOS 15.3 provided again that they are among the compatible products. To find out more about them, we invite you to consult our dedicated list.

No change ?

Like previous trial editions, iOS 15.3 and iPadOS 15.3 do not contain no additional functionality. At least no one has discovered any yet, and Apple has only communicated bug fixes and improvements aimed at making the operating system more stable on a day-to-day basis.

Side security, you should still know that the incident exposing personal data while browsing with Safari is finally ancient history and without distinction. Hence the importance of properly installing this software, especially if you surf with this proprietary app.

Apple Watch Update

For watches, the same thing: Cupertino has not integrated any significant novelty, according to the most recent documents published by its technicians about the arrival of watch OS 8.4 on a global scale.

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On the other hand, we know that the concern which prevented some Apple Watches from charging correctly has been resolved.

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