Welcome to the Year of the Ox 2021! The long-awaited recovery arrives

año del buey 2021

We tell you what are the characteristics of this Year of the Ox, which begins on February 12, 2021. Ruled by the metal ox!

The year of the ox metal (in its yin form). According to him Chinese horoscope, this animal, which succeeds the rat and precedes the tiger, is associated with earth and brings us a time of hard work, effort, discipline, loyalty. A short-term future full of security and solidity based on work, trust and common sense.

By: Ana Benavides
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When is the Year of the Ox celebrated? February 12, 2021.

ANDhe Chinese Ox has quite a few similarities to our Western Capricorn. He is responsible, safe, hard-working, moderate, faithful, rigorous and committed, he is also very demanding.

With its energy floating in the air, 2021 can therefore be the year of recovery, of finding solutions to individual and collective problems. But it will be necessary to do it from perseverance, savings, discipline and even the internalization of feelings.

The prudent and lucid attitude of the Ox will have a positive and lasting effect, necessary for the consolidation of the projects that, little by little, we will be recovering. No wasteful spending or frivolity, no quirky inventions, exaggerated fashions, or absurd art.

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This animal, the second of the Chinese horoscope, it is fundamentally quiet. Trustworthy, he is hard-working, patient, hard-working, routine and traditional. He is a good listener and it is very difficult to make him change his mind, because he is stubborn and often prejudiced.

Introverted in personality, although his willpower can make it seem otherwise. He will never rely on luck, knowing that lasting success can only be achieved with tenacity. He is naive in love and little detail, however, he gives himself a lot.


It will be, without question, a fruitful year for those who do not like to avoid responsibilities. With great patience and a desire to progress, oxen can achieve their goals with constant effort. Since they are not heavily influenced by others or their environment, they persist in doing things according to their ideals and abilities. Under his rule, all our affairs will march an upward path as long as we build them little by little, brick by brick.

The result will be a short-term future full of security and solidity, based on work, trust and common sense. In terms of health, we will feel energetic and stronger than last year.

The Ox is resistant and robust, qualities that we will notice in 2021 and that will be reflected in few diseases and a lot of energy. However, if, like the Ox, we often spend too much at work and do not give ourselves enough time to relax or eat well, the consequences will not wait. Therefore, we need enough rest and a regular diet to function effectively.

Welcome to the Year of the Ox 2021! The long-awaited recovery arrives

This year, being a cicada is over; if we want to prosper, we have to be an ant. Better to get down to business than to argue with superiors. Many conflicts this year will come due to rigid positions and attitudes, not accepting changes even in the details.

Little disagreements and niceties are best overlooked. Meanwhile, we must work with the greatest of efforts. Troublemakers and laziness have no place this year.


Associated with Mars, this element represents solidity, ambition, determination, progress, persistence, brilliance, loyalty and rigidity, although if something characterizes Metal it is the surprising power of recovery that it brings to the Ox. It has a different effect on this animal than it had on the Rat in 2020.

While he tamed this one, the Ox is going to make it shine in all its splendor. And, precisely, that is the risk. The past year has been very rough for most people and there will be a tendency to get distracted by the bright things that 2021 brings us.

Welcome to the Year of the Ox 2021! The long-awaited recovery arrives

We should not focus on the fleeting, because we tend to believe that it will alleviate our hardships, but rather focus on using the positive energy of the Ox to create lasting stability. It will bring us virtue, tolerance, love and ethics, but also a certain selfishness and desire to see only for ourselves.

And, while he is an excellent force for details and his own things, it is difficult for him to see the big events and what affects larger groups. So it is a question of resorting to simple and homemade things, of returning to the origin. There is the key to recovery.

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