Wendolee has a strong panic attack in “I’m Famous, Get Me Out of Here”

Wendolee has a strong panic attack in "I'm Famous, Get Me Out of Here"

Wendolee rose to fame thanks to her participation in La Academia, and now the singer has returned to TV Azteca to participate in the reality show “I’m famous, get me out of here!”, a comeback that has been marked by controversy due to her defeat in the last challenge, because the singer succumbed to the pressure and her fear of heights won out, causing her to suffer a panic attack.

The singer participates in the reality show along with other celebrities such as Alfredo Adame, Magaly Chávez, Apio Quijano, Pancho Uresti, Mariana Ávila, Jessica Díaz and Khiabet Peniche, the latter was the one Wendolee faced in the height test.

Wendolee started the test very well showing strength when going down the stairs that were suspended on what seemed like a cliff surrounded by nature, but when taking the fourth flag she could no longer face the pressure and asked for help while shouting that the rope would break. .

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