West Ham 1 – 2 Eintracht: summary, goals and match result

West Ham 1 - 2 Eintracht: resumen, goles y resultado del partido

West Ham 1 - 2 Eintracht: summary, goals and match result

Eintracht continue their streak away from home and go to Frankfurt with an advantage

Eintracht take London Olympic gold and leaves with an advantage to the second leg thanks to the Knauff and Kamada goals. Anthony scored for West Ham and Bowen was able to tie the tie in discount with a bicycle kick which hit the crossbar.

Neither team spared any effort. In fact, Eintracht entered the match without knocking on the door. Knauffafter center of Santos Borremarked the first to 50 seconds.

The bewilderment did not last long for the London team. Bowen missed a one-on-one with a shot at the post shortly before Antonio equalized the contest into a strategic action. He proposed West Ham more before reaching the break, but he did not have clear chances of danger either.

Going through changing rooms slightly calmed the shock. Oliver Glasner’s team was aware that the draw was not a bad result. Neither was the provisional victory he achieved in a great action between Sow and Lindstrom, who left injured. The first shot stopped him Areolabut Kamada, very attentive to the rebound, put the German team ahead again.

West Ham turned for the tie. I can do it Benrahma with a long shot that hit the crossbar. He was also close to sentencing Kamadabut his shot was deflected by Dawson before hitting the stick.

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In the discount, a Rice’s center was finished offor by Bowen with a plastic and powerful Chilean what hit the crossbar much to the disappointment of the local fans and delirium of the more than 3,000 Germans in the stands of the London Stadion. There is a tie in Germany, but Eintracht has half the job done.


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