What a glass of guava juice can do for your health

Lo que un vasito de jugo de guayaba puede hacer por tu salud

Guava juice is a great therapeutic ally, provides great benefits in the control of diabetes, helps lose weight, improves immune function and more

Guava juice is perfect for fighting diseases, anemia and a good ally for weight loss.

Photo: Image by Adelia Rosalinda from Pixabay / Pixabay

In the last months take care of health it has become the most important topic worldwide, without a doubt a pandemic always leaves learning. The invitation to make changes to our lifestyle and diet It is clear, that is why every day we have access to more tools that bring us closer to a healthier life.

The trends of Health & Wellness they never cease to amaze us, among the most popular is jugotherapy which consists of systematic intake of fruit and vegetable juices with the purpose of prevent or cure health problems. These drinks stand out for the use of ingredients from great medicinal power, as is the case with guava.

Guava juice has become a strong trend which in recent months has been highly valued for its benefits to boost immunity and another long list of healing genius.

The guava is a tropical fruit which is considered one of the most complete in nature, contains a high proportion of water and very low contribution in carbohydrates. It is rich in phosphorus, niacin, potassium, vitamins A and B, iron calcium and folic acidHowever, what makes it more special is its unmatched content in vitamin C. Between his great its qualities more features is its pink pulp which stands out for its lycopene content, a great antioxidant with properties anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory.

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Discover what a glass of guava juice a day can do for your health, it is a simple morning habit packed with medicinal benefits.

The benefits of drinking guava juice:

1. It improves cardiovascular health

Starting the day with a glass of guava juice will not only fill you with energy, its contribution in fiber and potassium they make it great protector of cardiovascular health. This is due to its ability to regulate high levels of blood pressure and cholesterol, it also influences positively its lycopene content they act as powerful antioxidants that prevent heart disease and accidents.

2. Against diabetes

It is one of the most valued fruits for fight diabetes, although it is sweet in flavor, it is considered low glycemic index drink and has great hypoglycemic properties. At once diverse studies have verified that their regular consumption increases insulin production in the body.

3. Good ally to lose weight

Guava juice provides various benefits to lose weightor, first of all, it stands out for its high content in water and a low contribution in carbohydratesIt is also a drink that provides a exceptional fiber content. It is well known that a good consumption of fiber is essential to lose weight not only accelerates intestinal transit, involved in the elimination of toxins, wastes and liquids retained in the body.

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4. Boost immunity

Its high content in antioxidants and vitamin C es a great ally for strengthen and stimulate the immune system. Its habitual consumption is related to benefits in the prevention of diseases caused by pathogens, as Virus and bacteria.

5. Goodbye anemia

Guava juice is rich in iron and to this is added its extraordinary contribution in vitamin C which is related to a better absorption of iron. It is also a good dietary supplement for increase the production of red blood cells. Drinking this juice daily is a great supplement in the diet of anemic people, with chronic fatigue and some nutritional deficiency.

6. Protects the nervous system

Thanks to its mineral wealth in magnesium and potassium, Guava juice is a great complement to keep the nervous system in good condition. It is therefore a good ally for improve diseases like sclerosis, strokes and certain types of epilepsy, at the same time it is a good protector of brain and cognitive functioning. It is also a good ally for improve mood.


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