What ad extensions are possible with Microsoft Bing Ads?

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Are you a business looking to run campaigns on Microsoft Bing Ads or already running campaigns on Bing Ads? It is therefore essential to know the different extensions to optimize your SEA campaigns on this lever

What extensions are available on Bing ads?

A multitude of extensions exist, we advise you to set them all up in order to optimize your account. This will make your ads more visible and get a better quality score from your account.

bing ads ad extensions

To add extensions, simply go to your Microsoft Bing Ads account, select Ads and Extensions, then click on extensions:

microsoft bing ads account

Action extensions

This extension allows the addition of a call to action button on your ads. This extension exists in several languages ​​including French. There is a large panel of action text (buy, show demo, go ahead, free quote, see offer…).

The number of texts has increased in recent months to reach 60 different types of texts.

bing ads action extension

The extension can be added at the Account / Campaign / Ad Group level

bing ads action extension

Application extension

The application extension will allow you to boost the downloads of your application. You can add Android / IOS / Windows phone / Windows app.

bing ads application extension

Here is an overview:

bing ads application extension

Phone call extension

This extension allows you to display your phone number which will be clickable on your mobile. It is possible to modify the broadcasting times so that the service which receives the calls can answer within the opening hours.

bing ads call extensions

Teaser extensions

This extension will allow you to add strong elements on your company such as: Free delivery, Free estimate, Response in 24 hours …

The number of characters is limited to 25, so choose short and sharp arguments.

bing ads callout extension

Filter link extension

This extension allows you to highlight categories of products or services that you want to highlight.

There are about thirty headers:

bing ads filter extension

Then just add the different elements and associate the corresponding URLs:

What ad extensions are possible with Microsoft Bing Ads?

Here is an overview of the announcements:

bing ads filter ad

Image extension

This extension will be displayed on mobile or desktop results. Since 2021, the extension seems to be more and more visible (in response to Google’s integration of this same extension). This makes a display even more visible against competitors:

bing ads image extension

Here are the formats requested by Bing:

  • 1.78: 1 aspect ratio (Bing Desktop Single Image Extension)
  • 1.33: 1 aspect ratio (Bing Desktop multi-image extension)
  • 1.91: 1 aspect ratio (Bing Mobile multi-image extension)
  • 1.72: 1 aspect ratio (Wide Image from Microsoft Audience Network)
  • 1.69: 1 aspect ratio (Microsoft Edge Single Carousel)
  • 1.55: 1 aspect ratio (Medium title in Microsoft Edge)
  • 1.5: 1 aspect ratio (Advertisement in an MSN article)
  • 1: 1 aspect ratio (Microsoft Audience Network Square Image)
  • 0.93: 1 aspect ratio (MSN Dual Carousel)

Depending on the format, the location differs, so it is necessary to provide visuals of different sizes for these to be taken into account.

Extension of locations

This extension allows you to display the address of your company, this is very useful if you have to receive customers on your premises. Fill in the different fields and the extension will appear on mobile and desktop.

bing ads location extension

Price extension

This extension will allow you to highlight different prices. It is necessary that the prices indicated in the extension be visible on the landing page. This allows you to showcase your best products.

What ad extensions are possible with Microsoft Bing Ads?

bing ads price extension

Promotion extension

This extension is very close to the price extension, it will allow you to highlight a promotion based on an event.

extension promotion bing ads

The advantages of this extension are to be able to program a start and end date, to have an event highlighted in the advertisement, to be able to choose an amount of discount, a percentage of reduction.

What ad extensions are possible with Microsoft Bing Ads?

Review extensions

There are two formats of this extension: one that we configure and the other that is added automatically. The first is a review whose source must come from a reliable source. You must copy and paste a piece of the review (it is forbidden to modify it) and add the URL of the review. The notice must not be more than one year old.

bing ads notice extension

And for the other extension, it is automatic and linked to your e-commerce site. The display appears with the stars and the rating of your e-commerce site.

bing ads star extension

Extension of sitelinks

It is the basic extension which allows you to add additional information with a title, two description lines and a destination url. It provides significant visibility when displaying with the description lines. The character limits are as follows: 35 characters either title or per line of description.

bing ads link extension

sitelinks bing ads

Extending structured links

It is one of the most recent extensions, it allows you to display more information on a specific aspect of the highlighted products & services. It should not repeat what is already in the ad or the extension of teaser. On Google Ads, it is called Extract from site, it will allow you to have a specific header (to be selected from the list offered).

bing ads structured links extension

Video extensions

And finally the last extension format that will be displayed on desktop and mobile in the search results. We recommend using this format in a campaign that doesn’t have action, image, or phone call extensions to give it plenty of room.

extension video bing ads

There you go, you are now ready to add these extensions to your business campaigns. If you wish to be supported by a SEA agency expert in Microsoft Bing Ads campaign management, contact us now!

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