what advances since its beginnings?


At the beginning of October 2011, Apple introduced the iPhone 4s. According to some sources, its suffix is ​​due to its small revolution at the time: Siri. A voice assistant then able to tell you the state of the surrounding weather, set an alarm on the fly or search the web. The bare minimum today, but a serious step towards accessibility for the time.

The movement then inspired more than one, including Amazon (Alexa), Microsoft (Cortana) and of course Google. On Android, users also consider Alphabet’s AI to be more efficient than that of Cupertino. Could it be the fault of more extensive data collection? However, there is no shortage of business when it comes to sneaking internet users.

Additional features …

Over time, Siri has improved a lot and now supports more services. The tool is notably capable of making calls for you on request, specifying the name of the recipient and the device to be associated with the conversation. Same thing for SMS: all you have to do is dictate the content of the message and that is then displayed on the screen, whether from the microphone of the Apple Watch, the iPhone, the iPad or even the computer. ‘Apple TV.

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Compatibility side, Siri has also managed to interfere in most of the other products of its publisher. On the sound side, we find the AirPods and their versions Pro and Pro Max, but also the two smart speakers HomePod. What is more, third-party manufacturers also have the opportunity to participate in this success: Sony, JBL or even Beats are part of it. Most often with the possibility of also choosing another voice assistant.

… and less

Aside from privacy concerns and some imprecision, if Siri has recently attracted criticism it is also following the abandonment of some of its key options. Indeed, many consumers have complained about changes making it impossible to send emails and consult their call history via this means. For the moment, Apple has not reacted: it is impossible to know if the company will go back after having listened to its unhappy customers.

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