What are the best machines for exercising at home

During confinement many gyms are closed and it is difficult to perform exercise routines that require machines for it. It is true that you can perform different routines of exercise at home, but with them, the effectiveness will be much higher. That is why here we will talk about the best exercise machines you can have at home.


One of the most popular practices is running. Now, since it is difficult to get out of home to exercise, there are different brands that offer treadmills, among them, the Domyos TC-5 running belt, which reaches 16 kilometers per hour, according to the MundoTraining portal.

You can schedule your running routine 3 or 4 times a week. This machine has the ability to record data related to speed, distance, time and calories burned, in addition to heart rate. All this data can be viewed on the console.

Exercise bikes

One of the exercise machines that has a great acceptance within the world of training is the exercise bike. Using one of these bikes can improve cardiovascular capacity, and increase lung capacity.

The benefits are felt in the legs, shoulders and back. These factors cause you to burn calories and gain stamina. There are bicycles that keep track of time, the speed at which you pedal and the calories you have burned, in addition to regulating the different speeds that you can adjust according to your pace.

abdominal exercise roller
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The multistation machine from the house Domyos They help to tone different muscles thanks to the fact that up to 12 different exercises can be performed at home. The maximum load of this exercise machine is 60 kilos.

Among the different muscles that you can work are the pectorals, lats, traps, shoulders, triceps, biceps, thighs and others.

Many of these machines are foldable, so you can set up your own gym at home and keep fitYou can also enjoy more time with your family. Thus, you will continue to stay in shape and lose those kilos that you may have gained during this time of confinement.


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